US 43 Troy


This isn't really a premade as it's already made but that's not too important. Essential I'm on the rim of US43 Troy simming like hell right now (with one servant), and when i say rim I mean three islands to the east the world ends. Currently, I'm in a unique position where the members of the top alliance by me are mostly my buddies so no one is attacking me and if they do they simply don't have enough people helping to conquer me. With this in mind i have decided that in the three months left until wonders I'm going to try and get one wonder. It's a complete long shot with little to no chance but I'm going for it :pro:. Could really use some help though lol. For one I'm going to need as much cities as i can get to flood resources in, help conquer an island, and frankly I'm bored and want people to talk with. If we can pull this off we are going to be the smallest alliance in history to ever get a fully built wonder. Not to mention that we will have killed the egos of top alliances as they will have to try and break our small alliance's wonder to get all seven built. All you need to be able to join is five minutes to spare ever few hours or so to come online and build. If you are interested in joining contact me or post here and I'll send you an invite. Thanks to all who even consider helping me with this it's greatly appreciated.

Creds to Oropos' very own SpecOpsX otherwise known as The Lonely Pooper for inspiring this simmers dream.