Important Using this forum section


Having spent the past half an hour tidying up threads and deleting/merging posts , I thought I'd remind everyone what this section is for or tell anyone who doesn't already know. ;)

This section is for posting details about your alliance or recruiting therefore all posts should be an application to the alliance or concern the alliance the thread is based upon.

If you want to update information about your alliance use the edit button rather than submitting a new post as threads become difficult to trawl through when everyone is double posting.

And if you like someone's post use the reputation feature rather than posting "good" or "well said".
I don't want to be seen as someone who is ridiculously strict but at the same time, I do this in my free time and I'd rather be answering questions and trying to help out than cleaning out threads.

As always thank you for your co-operation and if you have any queries or feel that I am being unfair please comment below or contact me through VM/PM.
Cheers fin


Just a quick note to say well done im glad you got on top of this, some threads were starting to boarder on spam or just plain abuse.