Valerio vs DG1322


Innnn this cornaaaar!.... weighing in at 859,591 points, 89 cities and 80 conquests. The stalwart and founding member of PoC....VALERIO the Strong!! *fanfare and trumpets*

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand in this cornnnaaaaar!.....weighing in at 1,002,179 points, 76 cities and 87 conquests. The outspoken, the brawling member of the 10th formerly of Dragon Slayers..........DG1322 the Ruthless!! *fanfare and trumpets*

*Imagine two sportscasters*

Niv: Step right up step right up laddies and gentlemen, speak your mind, discuss possible outcomes if these two giants went head to head, no holds bard, streetfight rules all out brawl on the seas of Beta! Im Niv, your host, with cohost Mizzet! Well what are your thoughts Mizzet?

Mizzet: Well Niv the matchup is definitely one of the special ones you don't want to miss...lets start out with Val. See now val has been with PoC since it began waay back in the Byzantine days, spent lots of time honing his skills and fighting as part of a cohesive and active group of strong members. While he has less points and conquests than DG, he does have more cities, which implies that he can hold onto what he wins, a balance of offense and defense Niv.

Niv: your absolutely right Mizzet, Valerio does indeed have a strong history of choosing his targets well and hitting them where the sun don't shine...Has he ever lost a city do you think Mizzet?

Mizzet: Well Niv we know that he's very tactical and its likely that if he has, he's made his opponent pay for every city in blood. Lets have a look at DG's stats now Niv, 87 conquests. Thats definitely something, nearly 10% higher capture rate than Val, and while its nowhere near the stats of heavyweights like yoyo2 and the like, it still shows offensive capability.

Niv: But he's got less cities, and more points, now this could mean he's weaker on the defensive side, but it could also mean he holds on to strategic places while letting less important cities go. Remember he spent a great deal of time on his own before joining Phenomen, and he likely learned when to give and take cities. That too his time with Phenomen, then Dragon Slayer, then finally the 10th has honed his battle skills.

Mizzet: Now recently there's been media speculation regarding DG and one of the lightweights, Sapphire Sorrows. Its speculated that in a minor altercation, Sapphire Sorrow held up well against DG.

Niv: Yes that is indeed the rumor however it is well known that multiple parties may have been involved. Currently representatives from both parties dispute what actually happened, Mizzet. What we do know is that neither are willing to back down.

Mizzet: yes yes indeed, now what is clear is that Valerio is currently involve in constructing the wonders with his alliance Phoenix of Carthage. But Val HAS stated that once that is done he will be looking forward to his match-up against DG. DG recently responded that he was done with the Beta league after its recent policy an ring-rule changes. However many speculate if he is actually going to retire while being so strong opinioned.

Niv: Whatever the case, both of these fine fighters have something to prove. DG has boosted his ability and strong play, while Valerio has made a direct challenge to him. Given the history between the two clubs, PoC and the 10th (and DS, and Phen), its likely that neither will want to back down, else lose face for their clubs.

Mizzet: Well whatever the outcome its a fight you don't want to miss. Do you have any tips on who is going to win, Niv?

Niv: Well Mizzet, I haven't seen DG in action personally, he carries more points and more conquests. But I have to say my money is on Val. He's trained well with the best of Beta League, and has a strong backing club if anything goes amiss.

Mizzet: Ah yes but we've seen the outcome from club vs club grudge matches, and this appears to be more of a personal affair. I have to admit that according to the stats, DG should have the upper hand in this fight. Val's extra cities may not count for an advantage if they are to spread out to function properly.

Niv: Or it could act as an advantage if spaced right. well the debate continues. Please if you have opinions do call in on 1-324-WIN-BETA, and give us your thoughts! I'm Niv...

Mizzet: and I'm Mizzet

Niv + Mizzet: And you've been watching NivMizzet on Channel 13!


LOL, Niv. Bit too much time on our hands have we?

But yes, I'd certainly be up for it, so lets add to the stats.

Niv: But he's got less cities, and more points...
- true he may be a bit of a point *cough* accumulator *cough* but I have 15 cities, at last count, on our wonder islands. These can be taken out of the equation as there is no way i would jeopardize these alliance goals no matter how much fun it will be to put DG in his place. So i make that 74 against 76 (75 if you consider the one he has on an opponents wonder isle).

...Has he ever lost a city do you think Mizzet?
- Unfortunately yes, but in mitigation it was during a mates stag do and also went to a player now in PoC.

Lets have a look at DG's stats now Niv, 87 conquests. Thats definitely something...
- nah, just means he's taken one hell of a lot of greys and lost a good few cities.

Anyway, it'll take me a while to move down that way (as I'm pretty certain he won't be coming up to meet me in the middle) and I'm sure DG can try to pick off the initial scanty beach head once it arrives. I do hope he'll man up though and make an effort, Beta's been boring for too long.


I have to say this may be one of the greatest battles Beta has ever seen if it does go down. DG, despite how he angers me with his attitude, is a very good player indeed. Valerio is also a player held in high regard. In the end my money would be on Val. Although I expect DG to hold up a very, very good fight.

*Reclines in easy chair with popcorn and a coke*


Lol thats what happens after a week of intense shift. If DG could post, I could be like...ringside anouncer!


DGs attitude isn't angering, he has always been a sound slick character in my conversations with him and every other in-game situation I've seen him in so I don't know how that's angering. Although on here its a different story where opinion, on the whole is the preliminary point your getting across so its best to take what people say like water off a ducks back.


Yes, I've wasted my time managing to get a few cities in the local and now it looks unlikely. I can only apologize to the arm chair fans for not getting there quickly enough. However, it probably does bode for far more interesting times in beta if things follow their logical course.

Z Grade

I know more than I prefer to let on Gotham. More than you at least. Don't you worry too much, things are quite swell between Ascension and PoC.

Z Grade

I was kinda looking forward to this fight between DG and Val though, it was sounding like it'd be the next Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny :D


That's funny because my friends in PoC said they're going on the offensive against Ascension, awks.

I become leader, DS actually does something. Connection, although I haven't been on that much with exams.


Yes. Might want to check to check your internals tho....DG13222 joined PoC and proceeded to start attacking/conquering cities from Saph. Thought you Dragon Heads had some kind of pact....oooops....
Errr, excuse me. I was doing that BEFORE I joined PoC thank you very much.
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"proceeded to start" may be technically incorrect, but I believe the point GothamSoldier intended to make is still valid. Normally, an alliance that invites a known enemy of an ally, and then allows that player to continue attacking said ally, is considered to be in violation of any pact.

Play the semantics game all you want, but not even the resident aspergian is falling for this straw man.