Venom 2.0


Points don't matter guys... no one gives if you have 1 million points, if you have 6 ABP and 10 DBP I don't think it would help. If you really want to get into here, you want references from other people that know your experience. (No, I don't mean just making more accounts and posting) You need to show that you can get into these types of alliances.

Just my slice of the pie. BTW Lean beef or fatty beef? They matter :)

Edit: Just an add on, but it would kind of be funny if Venom gets crushed in the first few months for no good reason. I believe you guys will go far, but I'm just saying. Its possible that people will become meat bags and get you tons of BP and slowly annoy the hell out of you guys.
You know if ppl have over 1m points theyr BP must also be high. This guy is a pro, I have played with him

cabz bii

Well there was a spot for me, but it wasnt mine for very long, haha. Shame, id be cool to be in an organized alliance.

Nothings to say Daizan won't let you back in mate.
simply as you have no stats recruitment is selective.
keep growing at the rate you are and you will be back in no time mate look at it as a minor set back but don't let it get you down show us why you should be in venom ;)
you know you can do it mate.


Dont worry just stay active grow grow and grow and you will be back in no time ;)

I message him... He doesn't answer any messages that i send ... Or even look at them... And he's on cus he's got a reasonable amount of points


He's blocked my messages and so has Pythagoras - :( that probably means - ill never get in. Thanks daizan :p


Everyone is leveling senate and temple while discussing arts and literature in alliance forums.


I me self am leveling market so I can start up economical boom of my city