Vicarious - Recruiting!


We Came, We Saw, We Conquer!

I would first like to extend a very warm hello to fellow players of Grepolis.

Allow me first to introduce Vicarious. We are a newly founded alliance in Ocean 35, Quad. 340:582. Vicarious was founded on on 3rd January 2011. We come together in the spirit of advancement and mutual protection and we consider ourselves purely ambitious, assertive & aggressive.

Do not take our lack of aggression to mean pacifism however, as we will defend our values by force if necessary and we will do the right thing. We function as a single disciplined unit, and this means "militaristically" and "economically". We live the values of professionalism, class and mutual respect each day. We honour our word and make terrific allies, however formidable adversaries. You will find us reasonable in some situation and we favour diplomacy over military action unless diplomacy cannot solve THEN we'll use military.

In World Nu, our goals are the same as they have been and will be since the founding of this alliance. We aim to create a strong community and bring glory & honour to our alliance with our motto "We Came, We Saw, We Conquer!". We wish to promote justice, respect and we also wish to offer protection to all who lay within our ranks. We never sit on the fence and we love to get involved in in-game politics, hopefully promoting our values and beliefs. We respect however that everyone has differing beliefs and we will happily coexist with differing alliance principles as long as you respect our existence and do not compromise our interests.

We are pleased to share this fine game with you and we will be co-ordinating our formation into an alliance over the next few days. As we are still in the midst of recruiting, we do not have a stronghold - yet. But we soon will established our base with an efficient leadership, active communication, loyal members and respected allies.

We wish you the very best of luck and a Happy Farming Day!

~ KobiWolf


Member Limit : 30

Requirements for Joining :
  • Must Be Active.
  • Experienced.
  • Must be in Ocean 35
  • Willing to assist (military/resources) fellow mates in any situation.
  • STRICTLY NO point whores!
  • TROOP WHORES welcomed!

Same ingame name as in here-just send me your gaming bio and I will get back to you or alternatively, you can reply to this thread with the following:

  1. Past Experiences: Include the World, the number of cities you owned etcs...
  2. Current Alliance (Leadership position): The alliance you are in now and any leadership position you're holding.
  3. Past Alliance (Past Leadership position) & Reason for leaving: '' ''
  4. Your Co-ordinates: Ocean 35, Quad. 3xx|5yy
  5. What can you contribute to Vicarious:

Thank you.

Warmest Wishes & Happy New Year 2011,