Milestones victors of the world-lod and coalition.


Not when you know there is 40k ft next door....
Believe me bud, in Belephron I put 5k of bis and 2k of ls together. Someone hit me with a nuke and I lost 100 bis and about 1k of ls.

Anyone with common sense knows that they should place their offense in bordering cities.


even lod call him ls king.....sorry jorisva i will stay on topic from next time.
And jono i see that you are from same alliance lod.....i will find you.
Goodluck mate ;) Im EOD's inside man hahahahaha. If ya find me i will send you some cookies or something


Believe me bud, in Belephron I put 5k of bis and 2k of ls together. Someone hit me with a nuke and I lost 100 bis and about 1k of ls.

Anyone with common sense knows that they should place their offense in bordering cities.

MM leave it.. If you yell at a rock it will not move... No point arguing with rocks!!


I can't do anything jorisva,they want to put off topic things her and close this thread as this thread is milestone of our victory.


So, the subject is us praising the mighty simmers?? Like hell thats gonna happen. Close the thread already.


Sadly I had to leave because of RL...something I thought I would never have to do....yet I felt a sort of pride to have led an elite unique team to the end at #1. Everyone ... EVERYONE knows that the wonders are a simmers paradise.

As former founder and leader of EOD, I have to give credit where credit is due - I congratulate LOD on their WW (4) victory aka sim victory. The victory is well deserved...but on the same note I must say that I have to agree with others...true victory is obtained by being rulers of the world. That crown dont appear by your name unless you do that (granted innogames is bound to that since I just posted it per rookie mods>:]
Nevertheless all this is now useless and pointless since EOD and LOD are basically intertwined.

I failed my team when I went inactive....I did it because I was changed from desk duty to patrol duty....I was on field duty with a FTO for graves...all in all, I screwed up and I didnt help myself by not saying anything. But I didnt say anything because at the time our win was still obtainable. Even after LOD got the WW's, I told my team that the fight will and is for the crown. if I had left at a crucial moment it would have taken my teams morale down...and so on....regardless no excuse..its a learning step I will take...I take the blame for EOD/Rod's failure here. I thought that I had left the ship with a proper command but obviously I did not.

I want to go on record (not that it means anything but still) and say that as the form3r founder and leader of EOD who led them to the WW's as #1...I am pretty annoyed, , and disappointed to see the direction my former alliance took. Is there really no fight left? do you guys/gals really prefer to hold hands with the enemy that fought from the beginning just to win a crown that in this case is no longer earned?

Personally being on the HB side......I see a lot of loyalty and honor on behalf of the HB and FE personnel that didnt bend over for an easy crown. Besmar, Ivypaul, Austin, Duck, many hats off to you. You made your stand, drew a line, and stood by it.

@ ROD....what are you gents and gals waiting for? ? if I were you, I would launch all my attacks at the nearest NWO and LOD city annd follow up on it.....

My ultimate plan was to reach the end and give players that have earned it a spot for the crown at the last minute if need I see a couple of players have picked who deserves the crown and gone to I see that BW and barbdot/kwelson are playing gods and decide who deserves a,

My question is where is the honor in all this? can you people really look at that crown IF OBTAINED and say "earned"? you guys/gents are doing nothing more than switch around members and alliances in order to get the crown.......

2 Kwelson & BW, for your information mates, Tstorms may not be the best of the best but he is very deserving of the crown. He has remained loyal to the cause (which has been lost obviously with you two cupcakes) and has been an integral part of the world...same is and can be said for Jimmy07. So as you two cupcakes plan to bump off these two from the crown team....take a second and look at two players more deserving than YOU!


what a milestone it was, an alliance that recruited everyone, yes even me lost to a bunch of simmers. your WW city felt aweome in LoD hands, avera. LoD was 2 weeks from a crown until a muppet that shall not be named buggered it up. Pretty sure that crown was earned by the spiking of 2 WW islands and stacking a third to cause a ghosting soon. It was done all but the crying mate, and you know it, thats why you left lets be real. The god like decision of who went to NWO was based on first . 1. who wants a crown. and 2. fighter points. Pretty sure none of your anti EoD, HB mates would have made it on #2 LOL

For the record, the only and singular reason i feel Tstorms does not deserve a crown is due to the that caused QoH (fighter #26) and dotnetman (fighter #7) to quit. Granted I only know one side of that story but QoH seemed like an honorable lady. It is one mans opinion, an opinion that if was followed though would not have resulted in a merge in the first place.

Tstorms and Jimmy seem like very nice and capapble people and I have had no issues with them, nor would I demean their character in such a way as befitting the one we call avera.

The crown is the sim portion of the world, the entire world could get a crown if everyone played nice, however only one alliance could win the server.

I dont often toot my owm horn, its simply not my style, but ill with some edits for language paste something I find great pride in, and why I am still here.
Finally, I lost much respect for many of you (as I'm sure you have me) for not standing up for BW. Many of you want to talk about your "year of hard work". Let me refresh your memories (or for those newer, give you a history lessen). LOD was I believe the 3rd ranking alliance at the time, maybe lower and our founder just quit. The alliance was in a bit of tail spin and NO ONE would step up and take the reigns. BW did so reluctantly and through HIS leadership and hard work built this alliance into the #1 alliance. He gets attacked verbally and no one says a god $$$$ word because you have all sold out for a measly crown. It's funny LRE goes off on BW and all I hear is crickets. I take away his leadership rights, he leaves, and THEN everyone has a million oppionions. If BW is pi##ed at me for taking away LRE leadership rights, then he has that right and I accept his criticism. The oppionions of the rest of you..I don't really don't give a s###

tsikes my brother, I would take a bullet for you mate. It's silly to get emotional about a game, but on the other hand it is awesome to WIN. stew in your pity avera.

So explain to me who deserves a crown more again?