Want an Alliance- Try THE HORNETS



Recruitment lines are open!
Contact (D): CWLC KING, Jack3881, Lily3882, 44 Magnumgun, in game or leave a reply and leave your game name and we'll get back to you ASPA.

We are a beginners alliance, we will help you gain points and help you when you are stuck on Lambda or any where else in grepolis!

The Rules :supermad:
We are looking for...

Players in Ocean 25 or bordering
Active Players
Active on Forums

Here is our profile, WARNING VERY LONG!



For you Refugees:

Think twice before using this alliance as a shield! You are not welcome!

We are the THE HORNETS,
The founders are...

44 magnumgun

Jack3881- Diplomacy
44 magnumgun- Head of invites
44 magnumgun- leader of attack
Lily3882-Alliance Leader
Alexw10-Forum Moderater
CWLC KING-Forum Moderater
Superboy9000: Head of invites

You are truly looking at a alliance that has hit it’s prime with both feet planted firmly on the ground, shields and swords raised high.

Join us as we step off the beaten path and venture into the dark heart of the oceans. It is a complex tapestry of the time and energy we have shared with one another and the ever present desire to bring glory to THE HORNETS.

You can also try THE HORNETS NEST, our academy, contact, Cesar235 CWLC KING or Jack3881 for that!

The power of an army lies within its Laws. An Army that obeys them will survive. One that ignores them, or that is unruly, or that makes light of their officers, that Army will surely die upon the field to their betters, and no better fate would they deserve.

We are an Alliance to be feared!

We shall be loyal to our friends,
We shall not be loyal to our enemys,
We shall work together as a team.

Recruitment: Open/Limited/Closed

Applying Rules

1. Be active.
2. Be in ocean 25 or bordering.
3. Be on the forums.
4. You are willing to commit your citys resources, and communicate to defend the alliance.

*Do not bother to contact us if you are not willing to learn and prosper!

We may be small but we aim to be the best.

NB: We always kick inactive or unhelpful players!

The breaking of any of these rules will result in you becoming our next target!

For dimocracy contact Jack3881 by message. If you don't it may be ignored.

Plato has written the following:
"Only the dead have seen the end of the war."

Thucydides has written the following:
"War is not so much a matter of weapons as of money"

John F. Kennedy has written the following:
A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on.

Lycurgus of Sparta has written the following:
"To brave men, the prizes that war offers are liberty and fame"

Captain Price has written the following:
"The enemy of my ememy is my friend."

Things you should know about us:

We may be small but we shall not tolerate breaking of rules and more.
You must also be active on the forums.

We are not the biggest but we aim to be the best.

Date of foundation: 3/5/11
By Jack3881

And we think this is cool!:





Do you?
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Profile is so long,try to make it shorter,it is boring to read all of that... ;)
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I am sorry to announce the hornets was deleted

we do not know how