Pnp War again?


So i guess alliances don't get the idea that inviting our players leads to war, and basically destruction... :Angry:
As a founder, i'm getting fed up with alliances inviting, even me.
So one day, a player left our alliance and joined Wimps of Byzantium (Warriors of Byzantium, and will here on out be called WoB)

They were faced with fighting the Conquistadors, and our allies, turns out, they like to ally them selves with our allies...which is quite irritating, but not at all a slower of progress.
So we called on our greatest allies
Hell Hounds.
Together, we form a wall of opposition in ocean 24 and 34.

and so a war broke out...2 or 3 players from WoB launched attacks on our players (as we have a few players in their core ocean...) Our ocean 25 players have to go turtle cities.

but it turns out they only know how to use light ships. (as we all know, LS do quite a bit too much damage to land troops for my liking ;) )

And the few land attacks they DO have, would probably make NOOBS laugh in their car seats.

Haha, anyways, hope you enjoyed the PnP (this is my first PnP, so don't go too hard on me )
Plus rep and i'll plus rep back :)
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so.. basically a bunch of fat kids went on a bbc on a fireship, they were serving Turtle mostly... and somehow a cute baby was born out of it

good luck in there man, and hopefully more turtle barbecues to come... cuz we all love eatin some poachers dont we