war and caputer the hill


this is a game with old weapons and planes and new ones.

take a f-14 tomcat and take the empty hill and set up a lot of machine guns, motor rounds and cannons and attack helicopters. my hill dare someone one to take likeyou phoenixavier.
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B-29 bomber bomb the hill, I walk up it with no trouble. I build a moat, put up a forcefield, build a city around the hill, in the center of the city put up a castle, bomb proof the castle, get a elite team of special forces to set up a defense, recruit the militia, put up anti-aircraft guns, get 100 Abrams tanks to defend the castle, recruit the power rangers to guard the city, and I set up a mine field with 1million anti tank and anti personel mines.


Send in the engineers, to cut under the hill takes 5 months , but when they get there, they set demolition charges, and no more hill... the end.