Pnp War on Death faction

Patroclus 1979

First i must say this is my first attempt at a PnP so please be nice. I have also added all the pictures to spoilers so if you don't want to see them it will be easy to read the message.

Today -HaVoC- has declared war on Death Faction. Our members wanted this, and were demanding we do something about them
So we took the time to locate our targets and plan out our attacks
While the whole time Death faction thought we were already at war.
We were just sitting back building our armies
until our armies looked like this
While Death Faction thought this would be enough troops.
We sent them so many troops they were packed in there with room for no more
They thought they could play a game where they start with this
and build this
and not have to worry about anything, but we hit there cities
and cut them down
This is all that was left when we were done
The Elimination process has begun. We kicked this war off with the first conquer being the founder of Death Faction losing his city. Now that the war has begun.
You may think you can count on your allies to come like this
But here is how they will come if they do.
I really don't think you can count on them to much.
I guess the Bad Boys Coalition will fall before it gets to start.


Good use of pictures. Just add more writing. Bulk it up a little. make it so its more than a list of pictures with a caption if you know what i mean. Good first try though