War Stats


Me vs Wandle: 0-0 (For now) >;D
Haha that would be fun ;) perhaps we should colonise on an island some where and have it out! Although I have heard you like to dance naked around a camp fire playing the banjo! I think the sight of that would make me surrender! :D


Don't lie you know nobody can resist the classic naked banjo approach
I'm currently working on stream lining all this code so I can update things as fast as possible, with the least number of mistakes, while it still looks nice. So any suggestions are more than welcome.
Also I'm brainstorming good ways to organize the wars so you guys can find the stats you need without looking through a ton of wars that don't effect you. Currently I'm leaning towards a table of contents where I'll have all the wars numbered. I may even get really nice and have the table of contents be divided into spoilers for each alliance. That way members can click and find the wars they need in seconds. So tell me what you think of all that,


well obviously venom doesn't have enough space so i'm guessing they will keep ruse and keep tacking in players whenever they lose some
Still screw you and by the way the stats will be posted late today as I'm working on a different time zone than you guys.
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Dear CoD:

Something's jacked up with your Vikings vs. Epic thingie. Also, I really don't think that we're at "war" anymore than we're at "war" with anyone else. If we are then I should probably be made aware!