War Upon The Innocent Alliances


I have started playing grepolis for the 2nd since last year... This game is awesome, but the only thing I hate about it is powerful alliances... Yes they are good to have on your side, but they bully smaller alliances and or members. They basically force weaker members to join their alliance or else. I know this is a war game, but in my opinion that's very childish. I also notice that some of the members of an alliance that says we "won't declare war upon you or attack you if your active.". That ain't true for some strong alliances, because soon they have a member conquering your cities for no apparent reasoning behind it. I just feel that innocent alliances and people are conquered on a daily time and it's not fair... It takes sooo much fun from the game...

Gevan/Founder of the Templar Knights
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well for one. Eta Warriors is a small alliance its self and is trying to survive in a world full of wars right now so they are gonna find weaker easier prey to keep themselves alive. its just how things are in these games as a small alliance attacks a smaller alliance so they can grow and become stronger themselves. and they continue to do this till a small but bigger alliance than them either conquers or merges with them. thats how u become stronger. as a player who just started and is small but growing of course u will not like this but if u was in this other alliances shoes u would look at a play such as urself and use him for either BP.resources, or to conquer to make urself stronger. like i said its understandable why u would be upset about it but try being in the other guys shoes it gives u a whole other perspective. :cool:


You could try to either reason with their leadership if they will hear you, or try and find another alliance to "ally" with and maybe go at them together


And I know they are only fighting for survival, but wouldn't you rather send a pact invite rather than forcing members to join/ conquering their cities? You basically making new enemies doing that...


well ur are relatively small and they might think that ur not much of a threat to them. anyways they are ur allies idk why they are attacking u. msg their leader and find out why.


I message the founder and that's why I got a Pact with them today... The person that's conquering me is the reason for me messaging the founder and eventually getting the Pact.


There are no innocent alliances. There is your flag and there is my flag. Everything else is just bull**** posturing. If you don't like being conquered, fight back. Maybe you'll win, maybe you'll lose. But hey, at least you'll go out with your boots on.



It's like in the real world. Big are getting bigger and small are suffering or disappearing. Real battle is just among giants. Look around: shopping chains, detergent producers, computer business ... even search engines :)))

We might like it or not ... that's the life of nowadays



Every alliance needs to be tested to prove it's worth.

Facts about large alliances
1) Almost every large alliance was once a small alliance.
2) Almost every large alliance is normally fighting other large alliances plus a few small alliances

Facts about small alliances
1) this game favors them
2) can grow very fast
3) needs to have a organized defense

everyone in this game looks at large and small alliances as:
large = good
small = bad

but the fact is this game favors active members the most. Small alliance do not stay small for long (without issues) in a game like this.

small alliance - Being able to attract good players is the hardest job. basically inviting everyone around you then weeding them out and repeat.
large alliance - have it easy people want to join them.

Small alliance - almost never get to pick their own wars
large alliance normally do get to pick their own wars

Small alliance - normally not that skilled but have a good understanding of what is going on locally
Small alliance - skilled but lack the time needed to understand what is going on locally

Fighting style
Small alliance - - will ether have to fight offensively/defensively in good timed teams
large alliance - normally only use teams vs large alliances random alliance are used against small alliances or local team are used overall disorganized in attacking instead they us brute force of numbers.

Small alliance - leaders can mentor each player. making loyalty very high
Large alliance - leaders leave training to other people they also have a training tab in their forums but, overall they expect each member to understand the game before they join and count on their mass amount of members to answer the basic questions. So, no direct training and often misguided training at best.


Try to survive, that's how we all became...large.
You could even fight back, you know. If you make some effort in stopping them, you'll probably get invited (WoA is alliance you can always join and ask for support :p)
If enemy is too strong, join some new world.


True, it's about survival, but it's easier said then done when it comes to fighting back or trying to defend your city if your new to Grepolis or the world...


Oh, all of us who are alive went through it, I'm sure. That is count; for every person who made it to present day, N/A were killed, quit etc.


yes that is true but it was easier to defend when the world have only start,then there were no people with 50 or 100 cities,to join in now very late it is extremely difficult,I would say impossible to survive if only one person who is here for long time pick on you,but I wish you best of luck.


small alliances exist to train and get a bit of experience. In a mature world, as ETA, small alliances will very likely merge into another and them merge again into another...

If one really want to create a new alliance that will stick for years should play in a much newer world.


But all new player who start the world will be put in oceans were are small players!
In some oceans 1st player have only 2000p


not always true. i saw several new players on O84 for example. That ocean is sure not new.

and even when they get into pretty much empty oceans, they will eventually merge into a bigger one, unless they manage to work a great pact that would allow they to stay alive.

some players will join bigger alliance and the ones around would be a bit scared causing them to do the same or merge to others. Have seen that happening many times.