War Upon The Innocent Alliances


This game benefits the small active player the most. Almost every large player has a enemy.

if a large player is attacking you .... it might benefit you to ask their enemies for help.

after a few attacks you start to get larger .... I've did this on a few worldsgoing 100% defense and I'll tell you it's easy to grow

exp. if you keep your cities low .... no one wants to conquest 6k and below cities but the can still produce swords and birms ..... even more then 13k cities

i made it in a world with a top attacker attacking me daily with his alliance helping him and me without help. Once got to 10 cities and he kept trying to recruit me he never got my wall below 15 but boy, I had to work and farm for awhile.

I did this to test my defense but also to see if a new player could make it in a old world i did it without premium.

my answer is yes, if you are active ....... if you start in a world where the ocean has been owned by a single alliance with no one else outside that alliance like i did..... you might want to restart before you start and get a better location .... i did not restart because i wanted to test myself and a theory.


Good idea, thanks for finding this out :) that world must have taken chunk of Eta time lol
much more time then I thought it would..... but it proves anyone can survive if they stay active