Pnp War With Valks - Cobra Story


I was in Teddies and I was one of those people that was picked up by Musks. I have first hand knowledge of the chain of events.

As for using 30 people to be effective, I believe it can be done. If you take 30 highly active people who all work well together, taking one or two cities at a time would not be so hard. Especially if they understood that consolidating your position, instead of spreading yourself thin through expansion, is one of the most important parts of this game. Ask any former Teddy about over expansion. I'm sure they would agree.

I'd rather have 30 active people each contributing 10 attacks on one city or 5 on 2 cities each. So that's 300 attacks on one city or 150 attacks on two cities. Before you say it wouldn't work, I have seen it done many times. I have seen it work almost every time.

The keys will always be activity level and organization. Honestly, if you put up a call to arms this very second how many of your 60 do you think would be able to mobilize instantly? If 30 people decided to all be on at the exact same time so they could all launch at the same target, I have no doubt a revolt would get through easily and you'd have to hope enough people logged in within the 12 hr window and were close enough to get support there to help.

I'm done for now. I look forward to your "you don't know the facts" reply that you seem to use so liberally in all your responses to what everyone else, not just me, has said to you. But I must ask, please do tell us the facts since we apparently don't know them, while you do. I have yet to see you impart this vast knowledge you claim to possess upon us poor ignorant plebes.


No i believe its just you and when i post something i usually back it up with facts.

and about the support my alliance is amazing at it...... rounds up 5000 biremes easy and thats just the fast support( i have around 1000 my self)

remember i have grimm right next door we had to be very defense oriented.

and i found the best way to attack someone is to confuse them focusing on 2 cities is to predictable when you put 10-15 cities in revolt you have allot to pick from send your spies find the ones with less support and go after those cities. Considering their support is already thinned you will have no problem pushing your colony ships in
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thedemon477, I wonder if your mouth is ever jealous of your backside with all of the that is coming out of it.

The Musketeers are fighting with every non-pacted alliance around us. In the past 2 months the Musketeers have lost 3 cities to enemies. Two of them were inactives who left without warning and the 3rd was a player who switched sides and had a tiny city taken by his previous alliance within the first 24 hours. We have taken dozens of cities from these same alliances. In one operation we had 4 planned fakes and 12 real targets and took 7 out of the 12. We take 30 or 40 cities for everyone we have lost. If your alliance was closer I am sure we would be happy to add your cities to our collection. Maybe we'll send some attacks just to keep you busy.


you haven't taken that many look at grepostats or my past post if you don't believe me. And nothing i've been saying is bs give me an example before you prejudge.

The whole point I've been making is the alliances your at war with are basically nothing compared to you and because you and grimm being lovers makes this world so boring all their is to do is argue with everyone on the forums about stupid topics. All because there's nothing going on besides small time wars thanks to you having one of the most peaceful #1 alliances I've seen.


Since this world began we have been at war with many alliances and never one at a time. At no point has more than 30% of our players been involved in attacking any one alliance because we have so many conflicts. Ask any of the members of the alliances in this list if we have been peaceful:

The Survivors
Knights of Chaos
Knights of Order
Carpe Jugulum
Tiny Teddies
Soldiers of Poseidon
Gods of War
Alliance of Taurus
Soldiers of the Sun
The Allies
Who are Those Guys?
Hades Boatmen
The Pantheon
Gythium Federation
The Screw Crew
The Pantheon Continium

Oh wait, you can't ask some because they no longer exist.

Until the last couple of weeks we haven't even shared a major border with Grimm Sleepers. How could we have been at war? Now that we are getting closer we can concentrate on our continued fight to control the NW as we have since the start of this server.

Early on in these forums many of us were criticized for our low abp scores. Obviously we weren't concerned in the first few weeks with building attack points, we were too busy building an alliance. Check out the abp rankings now.

~All for One and One for All~

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