Top 12 Wars of Methone



after this, 3 failed CS attempts and unsuccesful spam.. i guess russians had a bad night.. ill take my 2800 bp ;)


i know your strategy already... lets spam for hours then once theyre finally off lets try! dont see you guyw being competent enough to land or hold.. but ill see you later on :)


Well unless notmad decides to update top post, we won't get new view of wars. So just posting it below and let's keep that way, like top 12 is done.

Well I combined here all wars which are in my opinion most important and worth watching. If I missed something feel free to say. Statistics taken from grepolife.

Ronin 3 - 24 -RF-/=RF=
ND 3 - 13 -RF-/=RF=
Rebels 3 - 16 VIRUS
VIRUS 0 - 5 Mad Hatters team
ND 1 - 20 Head Hunters/II
LORDS OF THE RIM 1 - 2 Head Hunters/II