Wars of the Rim

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What's happening on the Rim? I know Nameless vs. Slaughter House...but who else in the top 15 is fighting it out on the rim? Is Hydra involved in these struggles?

Herpus Derpus

Pilgrims, Kingdom of the North, and Neptune's Legion are skirmishing. Not much though.

As well as EoD and Slaughterhouse. Don't Panic vs EoD. mostly skirmish though. I haven't noticed where one rim alliance has more than 9 cities taken from any other.


Well as a member of DF, I can only say that the Noble Intentions will soon be out of top 12. Their members are running away.
Guess there will be some new fun soon :D

Herpus Derpus

Here's your 411 on the wars.
Triad has left Seal Team One's streets piled with bodies. They ve conquered 124 cities and lost 21.
Triad has conquered 34 cities from Imperial Order and lost 27.
Triad has conquered 9 cities from Pilgrims and lost 0.
Imperial Order has conquered 37 cities from Pilgrim’s and lost 2.
Imperial Order has conquered 5 cities from Seal Team One and lost 3.
Imperial Order has conquered 9 cities from Prometheus and lost 5.
Imperial Order has conquered 8 cities from Rhinovirus and lost 2.
Imperial Order has conquered 66 cities from Hydra and lost 10.
Hydra has conquered 29 cities from Seal Team One and lost 22.
Hydra have struck a sound blow against Slaughter House. They ve conquered 26 cities and lost 9
Drunken Farmers have struck a sound blow against Noble Intentions. They ve conquered 34 cities and lost 12.
Seal Team One have problems fighting Rhinovirus. They ve lost 13 cities and taken 4.
Prometheus has conquered 38 cities from Hydra and lost 20.
Prometheus has conquered 9 cities from Elements of Destruction and lost 0.
Pilgrims has conquered 6 cities from Kingdom of the North. and lost 4.
Pilgrims has conquered 9 cities from Seal Team One and lost 6.
Neptunes Legion has conquered 9 cities from Pilgrims and lost 3.
Noble Intentions has conquered 5 cities from The Dark Exile and lost 0.
Slaughter House are not holding very well against Nameless Faction. They ve lost 30 cities and taken 8.
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Lets turn the story upside down. What pacts you know about? South looks obvious. What's up with north and east?


Well Well looks like there has finally been some action in the South over the past few weeks with Avernus surprising us all (and we are told) not only going to war with those Peaky Folk but also turning on previous buds Nameless Faction. Now I have to say a darn big yahoo to those Avernus dudes who have made little ol' me eat my own words after accusing them of being nothing but Peacekeeping folk.

Big respect to Avernus for showing some teeth at last and from the Word of the Oracle seem to be doing ok fighting on two fronts, with the simmer baton handed on to League of Warriors now it looks like. Looks as if all the action began at the same time as the Assassin event opened, interesting development.

Can only be good for the south which needed a shake up anybody guess who's likely to come out of this one in the better shape? Will it have any impact on the world in the longer run? Peaky and Nameless to join forces maybe?

King of Elites

These new developments may allow for Slaughter House survival, if nothing other than drawing attention from Nameless away and slowing their decay.


Slaughter House is still at war with EoD so i dont think they have any chance of survival.


NF are now fighting SH, AV and LoW
The new wars have had very little impact on NFs success against SH, who are continuing to regularly lose cities

The war between NF and AV / LoW so far has mainly been a lot of intense fighting over vulnerable outliers and inactives, with a HUGE number of CSs sunk.... no surprises there with the event on. The only active "border" city to be successfully taken has been captured by NF, (tho that player himself didn't come online until 12 hrs into the siege).

This war will run and run, I cant see there ever being peace between AV and NF. Both sides are pretty evenly matched tbh.... but this war hasn't even got going yet.... am looking forward to it when it starts to become all about the active border cities, rather than this ongoing obsession / squabbling over internals ;)

Black Knight112

For me, inactive or active it doesn't matter as long as the city is taken tbh.

Even tho one of NF members that you call "inactive" became inactive after his leadership decided not to help him break a siege in one of his cities, yeah you can consider the other cities that have been taken from him as Inactives but Avernus did not go for those cities because the player was inactive. (Avernus had conversations with the player as his first city was under siege).

But yeah, a big number of CSs sunk its true. The event made almost impossible to take cities with low wall and still has some effects.
And to NF, please stop complaining about Avernus targeting the inactives. They are part of the game right?

Nameless Faction have pacted The Peaky Blinders to fight Avernus.
Avernus have pacted League of Warriors to fight Nameless.

Looks pretty equal, lets see who does better. One thing is for sure, this war wont end without one of the alliances vanishing!
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King Ortis

All sides have suffered a decent loss of troops the past few days as is expected when wars are started. It will be interesting to see what happens now that there are less myths flying around. The community goals will definitely help the wars stay action packed.

Each side has targeted inactives. It's part of the game and definitely expected when things first start getting heated. I definitely agree that both sides have talent and it will definitely be interesting!


PBs and Avernus aren't really going at it so much from what I could see.
Avernus is taking a lot of NF cities, so I think they will be fine.
Avernus have some strong players and LoW are very aggresive guys.
I think this one could go for months...

Are Rhinos and IO at war?


Prom pretty much rules the northern border, and PE is desperatly trying to hold onto O75. 'Leastways, that's how it looks from here.