250 VS 150 your odds have improved.

tenant eviction was scared of grim slepers so they formed a merger lol what a terrible way to go, hope your alliance falls ;)


LoooL i guess so, a change of heart is also a change in words,

Feel free to blacklist my identity ;P

im happy to be amongst the best of the best and i coudnt resist ;D
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Glad to be on board GoKill and SD :) i know, it sucks when you can't log in.


Honestly I have never in my 15 years of gaming seen low life tactics being used like DeB uses.

Gokillanoob comes to us telling us there will be peace if we clean out one of your cities, no support would arrive. You diden't only keep letting support arrive but also tracked down our players. In the meanwhile DA leadership totally fell through and couldn't resist taking the easy way. Traitors without reputation.

If these r values you people hold on to in real live, then I pity all of you. Can't even have a decent game. Truly dissapointed in what I thought was THE best alliance with only quality players in it, I could not have been more wrong after seeing how many of you guys played the game over the last month. Apologies to those DeB player who r truly good players and have now been ashamed by there leader.

When people use tactics like these, I'm not surprised this many of your lot has gotten banned in Ithaca since the word started. There are rotten apples in any game, seems like DeB is taking them in, giving them leadership positions and letting them use -tactics. IF you ever win in world Ithaca it would be worth nothing :)

Just my 2 cents

edit: Prolong, players like you should be banned. You have no honour no loyalty, I pity your poor soul as it lacks everything to not make you look like a 16 y/o baby boy who got a little hand in a game. I doubt you r worth much by yourself if this is the attitude you hold on to. Once again also shows lack of DeB adultish behaviour.

edit2: Did to many DeB players go inactive/get banned for cheating that they had to take in 9 new DA members that they despised for pages and pages in this topic?

edit3: sorry for al these editing however, the more I seem to think about it, the more the only conclusion I can draw is that DeB could NOT handdle Rev and DA using only the game mechanics and their OWN skill.
Still some skilled going on tho, much respect to some players who I don't know about if they have been involved in these double crossings.

Sleep tight, good night
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Gokilla set a trap for Erik, and Erik fell in.

After I said its a bad Idea to Erik, he contacted a different member of DA to try his luck.

This annoyed me to the point of leaving DA and therefore the pact with Revo.
Obviously this upset Erik, so he had me kicked from the Bella Skype room for EN and Occupy, as well as getting me kicked from Occupy alliance.

Because of this childish rubbish my attention will be 100% Ithaca and decided to ask a few of my mates to come along with me to Deb , and any feelings of wrong doing by leaving were eliminated by his rash behavior.

Glad to be in my new home :)


Chilli if you dont like me then you know where the attack button is and i doubt you'll use it since your so scared, Erik is the traitor, your all his puppets, he is dancing behind your pitiful soul and i am laughing at you, theres nothing better than that other then the Attack button.

Your alliance is so lol, it will die out soon so dont worry, hope you dug a grave for yourself.

Tell Erik to play the game and not to get emotional. i feel sorry for his slaves(Revo) hahahaha

Come and Give me some BP, i would like to see were your mouth lies in your attacks ;)


you back stabbed us, you know why, you just don't want to say it.

i don't think talking will do anything, i still respect some of the players in Rev but now well settle things with fists.


First post in the externals ever so here goes :

Everyone keeps going on about people backstabbing others, I personally have morals and would rather have fun fighting friends than stressing out like crazy over hating some guy I will probably never meet in my life. So yeah Backstabbing? It's a war game, be prepared for spies, I would consider this world as a young still and through experience I know that there will be plenty of twists and turns to come for all we know Deus might not be here in 3 months and there will be a new alliance controlling this world, It changes constantly. Especially with the DA members now changing colours and joining Deus, but it happens. History itself is riddled with these backstabbers and so is the modern world, so yeah it's part of the game, how you adapt is where the skill is from :)

Incognito is fun.

Chaos Raider

I don't get it
they make enemies of the alliances they can't fight and then run away like some cowards
and then they abandon us as if we were nothing
THAT is not elite


Implying that Human nature is elite? It will surprise you how much the way people play and present themselves reflects their real life


The guys from DA obviously just hopped on over so they could start some drama on the externals imo :p


Hey Chilli, if you and Erik had better manners perhaps you might have avoided this situation.
Nobody in DeB has ever attacked one of my cities. Nobody in DeB has ever claimed that they could take one of my cities.
You have done both. well here is your chance amigo. the gloves are off, where are your LS?
All this talk of back stabbing, poor form and abandonment, 9-10 guys move from one alliance to another. Are we supposed to be indentured or something? If it is that serious to you perhaps a less traumatic form of entertainment is in order. I suggest knitting, but try the easy patterns first.