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I thought it would be a good idea to make a thread where we discuss any ongoing wars in the world. So if you know of a war going on, the score, or any additional comments on a war feel free to post them here.

List of Wars

Repossession Agents vs. The Saints I, II, and III

Repossession Agents vs. Lords of Conquest and Undecided

The Buccaneers vs. Lords of Conquest and Undecided

Slap vs. Bones and Skulls Family (2 alliances)

Buccaneers vs. -The Musketeers-

Buccaneers vs. Silver

Legion vs. Phoenix Rising

The Last Mohicans vs. Beast Mode

Legion vs. Dogs of War (Now NLMB GANG)

Bones and Skulls Family vs. Dogs of War

Beast Mode vs. UNITED

These are the only wars I can recall of the top of my head, if you know anymore feel free to post about them here :) Will probably update the list to make it easier for everyone to see the ongoing wars :pro:
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~Report from West region of World Pandosia~

-The Musketeers- are now at war with The Buccaneers (they seems to consider this war but for Buccaneeres is not).

Causalities have been reported but do to slow reporting from the Musketeers part we only have information from The Buccaneers side, which suggested that The Musketeers have lost 4 mayor locations in West region. Our source (me) tells us about complete lack of response from the The Musketeers part. Swift action from just handful of The Buccaneers storm troops might have already made a big blow to the The Musketeers alliance and it is very likely this alliance might not last for long. Our source (yes me again) inform us about a plan from The Buccaneers leadership is in motion. Plan codename "The Musketeers, who?" is a plan that is composed of mass farming enterprise that will drain most of The Musketeers res.

That is all for now, dear readers.
From West parts of Pandosia for the thread Wars
StrategosAutokrator,The Buccaneers
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WooDoo Hunter

Have nothing against them but having 5 academies is just not fun at all. I honestly taught it would not go more than 1 academy.


looks like theyre trying to do a tidal type thing in Nysa. didnt end to well for them. guess we'll see how it works out


I'd appreciate it if you removed my alliance ( IGB ) from the list.