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Any news about alliances fight? Or any allies war?
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Last Legion ---Fighting---> Hectors House
The Empire ---Fighting---> Demi-Gods of War
Hectors House ---Fighting---> Demi-Gods of War
Demi-Gods of War ---Fighting---> Hectors House & The Empire
Ravens Republic ---Fighting---> Triad
Triad ---Fighting---> Last Legion
Triad ---Fighting---> Ravens Republic

all i know
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I think what DB means is that Triad are attacking RR. RR just sit there and never fight back.


Triad ---> Fighting ----> RR
RR ---> Capitulating to ----> Triad

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In fairness I have had some nice sparring with Nomadik. But he seems to be the only one hitting back.

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What about Seal Team One??? Are they at war with anyone?

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What about Seal Team One??? Are they at war with anyone?
You would think that a kickass elite US crew would be causing havoc by now but no! Grepointel colonisation records show that they are attacking nubs. Take Zero Point for example: He took three cities of

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I mean they are just taking candy from babies and giving Grep a bad name lol


Were you going to delete all of our forums and ragequit?
i did! I deleted all forums (I was forum mod, and designed forums...) AND kicked dsprewitt, Zero Point, and more... Sadly, the members i kicked rejoined, but who knows what happened to the forum? whytetwns, and NightProwler were great leaders, just that Dark Odin dude ruined it, that's why I kicked because they gave him founder privs first day, but they didn't even know him...


Triad war vs Evil Empire: Triad:2 Evil Empire:1. That is right folks this is the first time an alliance has taken a Triad city.