We are puzzling, ambiguous, inexplicable


Our Alliance remains an enigma for the outside world of Heraklon. We are not the biggest nor the strongest (D) we are simply the Best. When playing we use ingenuity and careful thought
But most important it's now time when Heraklion needs ordinary men and women to do extraordinary things. And Our Alliance is it. Join us we are the Enigma you looking for to be among the future GIANTS

We will assist you, teach you and ensure you not in a Boring Alliance. Our only requirement is that you participate in our Forums and Battles. Most important you have fun doing it
:) :pro::pro::pro::pro::pro::)


Best of luck with that I suppose...
Just one thing before I forget

Engima is an alliance based in Ocean 65 with the simple goal of dominating it. We stick together and let nothing come in our way to our goal of becoming the top alliance of Ocean 65.

If you wish to join and meet the following requirements, please send a message to Dzokac or myself Did he? Hey!
1: Must be based in Ocean 65
2: Must have at least 600 points
3: Be active and able to contribute to the alliance.


ZuZu without a Zulu is not the Top for long
Deaths LEGION .... and that when Caesar dies the Legion will fall apart; No sorry not so Top
The Golden Union Golden Union Fish Bar Restaurant. -- *** Street, Soho, London, Nice way to make war fish and chips at hand ???
The Thirteenth Legion Legio tertia decima Gemina was one of the most prominent Roman legions. Unlucky 13
MMMmm all this is truly an Enigma. Who is the Best among the lot The Greek Republic without Zorba, DEATH TRIBE full of Zombies, THE ONE and only who is lost, Lost Boys who is lost but not alone
Difficult choice when in Ocean 65