We Are Rising....

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Name: The Rising

Direction: South - West


Theseus Tideborn
spartan king22

World: We are joining world after Athens

Preferred Settings: Conquest System: Conquest
World Speed 2
Unit Speed 2 or world speed 3
Morale/No morale doesn't matter to me

Alliance Info: Our alliance is looking for people that are active, experienced (have played at least one world and have conquered at least 2 cities), and reliable. You don't have to have these to join but these are the players we prefer. We would rather have 10 of these than 40 random, inexperienced players. Our forums are monitored, usually be me because no one really does it right, so if you want a forum mod job and know how to do it please pm me.

I have also received complaints that my alliances aren't "fun" enough for some people. Therefore, I will try and make more "fun" for you guys in the next world which is why I came up with the name Cola Addicts but no one liked that so we took a vote and now it's "The Rising." (The things I do for you guys). Anyway, I will for sure know by late tomorrow, might even be the 29th for some of you already, whether or not we will join "Athens." Most likely not as inscribed above ^^^^^.

Application to join:

Grepostats Link
Settings of a world you would prefer
Ingame Name
Why you want to join and how you will help
Do you ever go inactive and quit a world in the beginning?
Do you want a position? If yes, state why, how you are good in that particular skill, and will you do your job
Jobs open: Diplomat, Forum Moderating, Recruiting - Leaders come to you, you don't ask, sort of like the CIA that sort of thing
About yourself
What made you interested to join us
How I can make it more interesting
Does this have enough "fun"???

Diplomatic Relations: We keep pacts to a limited amount. No pacts till bp is off, and then we will pact if you have the following:

Average Points per player MUST be suitable to the average; I don't care how many players, if the average is good, than that's fine
Must be in the same ocean as us
Must actually act like a pact member (Yes, I had to mention because people don't realize that anymore)
You need to send a message to our diplomat. If there is no diplomat on our profile at the time you can send me the message
Must agree to a shared forum

Then we will see how you act as a pact member, if we like, than you will stay as one and we can work together, otherwise we will cancel.

Merging: I have no intentions of merging into anyone, but you are welcome to work with us on terms if you would like to merge into us. Must have at least 5 players to make a merge. Otherwise, you are just asking to join. There will be no terms, you are just a regular member.

Rules and Requirements: The alliance will have rules, as well as point/troop requirements in the beginning. We expect to see you passing this, otherwise we will have to kick you. One of the most important things to us is Average Points per player, and we will not have you ruin it. We also require troop requirements, this way we know if every member has 20 swords lets say than we know that there will be a fair amount be sent to someone who is getting conquered and he won't just be let by. (Just an example, probably be more than 20 by conquest time). We also have forum rules as well as some others. This is to keep the alliance together. You need a rule system in order to keep order.

That's about it. Whoever made it this far congratulations :D. I hope to see some of you guys, Dan
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Oh yeh, I forgot to mention, if you have a problem keeping the point requirements than you can send me a message and we will try to work something out.


Attention: This premade will not be going to Athens. It will be going into the next world.
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