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Forgive me if I am wrong..but there are what 16 heroes? 14 available to new worlds as Hector and that research gimp are locked.. why do we have an award for recruiting 20 heroes or maxing out 20 heroes? I'm on 3 severs 1 world just about to go into wonders on speed 2 and I have recruited 10 heroes and maxed out 1.. anyone who max's 5 or more is doing something special, anyone who gets 20 maxed has the cheat codes to life.

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I think the devs plan on adding more heroes and expanding upon the feature. I don't know for sure though.


Heroes are meant to reflect a player's fighting style and what he or she values the most. Players aren't mean to max out many heroes or have them all. It isn't a collect them all type of thing. You choose what is most valuable to you and upgrade what you would like. You did well to have what you did.

Also it seems that they've increased the rate at which you get them, so in the future, it should be better. But never expect to have them all. Choose wisely, much like researching.