Week 2 Discussion: Has Game Quality Decreased Over the Years?


In recent years we gamers have seen various game titles, most notably the AAA game titles, have had various issues such as bugs, graphical dips, poor story lines, and general dips in product presentation. Some prominent examples include the Assassin's Creed franchise, the Batman Arkham Knight PC version, the Call of Duty franchise, and Destiny. Each of these games range from bugs, poor story lines, lack of innovation, and even total unplayability.

Also there are issues with DLC packs becoming increasingly expensive with even less content as before, among many other aspects of a dipping market.

So, do you believe game quality has dropped in recent years? Do you think this trend will continue? Why or why not?


I personally don't see it as the quality going down, but a simple way for developers of these games and companies to make money. It would cost them money to fix the problems, when they can just sell the low-quality game, make their money, and not have to waste money on fixing the game.
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The trends follow the market. Over the past few years consumers have allowed gaming companies to go as far as they have gone with all the DLC/pre-order/exclusive BS by continuing to purchase these games. The bug-ridden releases are also a result of this as people don't seem to care about bugs if there's a patch a month later which fixes most of them, allowing management to push deadlines more.

Recently though people seem to be more vocal about their discontent and I am optimistic about the future.


Playing mobile of Final Fantasy XV. Every other screen is a push to purchase premium packs. You hit the wrong button and you have to cancel an almost purchase. Most game features are buy only. $9.99 for a first purchase, $19.99 for the 2nd, $99.99 for a third, and there's no going back to $9.99 once you've bought a package for that price. In grepolis, I see a lot of instability on teams. Which players are only playing for gold to support other worlds, and which are real players? Not so vital on a team size cap of 250, but devastating on team caps of say 60 or 75. You might get a 30% ghost team only playing to support their gold needs elsewhere. Doomed from the start.


I know the game quality of this in particular has sunk hugely, awful settings for each world that comes out now and as a result I think the player count has suffered immensely for it and as a result so has the fun