We're all going on a summer holiday


"No more worries for a week or two"

I tried to spy on 14 different blood dimmed tide players this morning, and each and every one of them was on Vacation mode.

So lets check in Mike Mayock to run the numbers.

12 inactives
14 cowards hiding on VM.
69 total players

= 43 active players

In the past week only 27/43 active players sent attacks.
(Of course the glorious former #1 ranked player in the game "Huddo37" isn't one of the 27, as no matter how much gold you buy to run Olympic Games, gold can't buy you battle points)

Amazingly, only those on vacation mode have been spared from defence battle points (well done "Huddo37" you actually picked some of these up...not too many though, because it's wrong to kick a turtle)

Only the Spartan Order Union, sorry, Warlord Metavasi, sorry, those BDT players that make VinnysBlue walk a little bow legged, can claim they haven't been battered this month. I wonder which alliance they will seek refuge in once BDT is gone?