what are wars about now?


Okay, so we are finishing up a minor front (little conquests to be fair) a lot of our guys were away. Now they are back and set up, with no more inactive to eat up we are applying pressure blah blah. and because the said alliance got an early start on our inactives, the "score" was in their favour. Now we there are no more inactives their count dwindled. Now to maintain that score, they are kicking every guy and claiming it is to annoy me. Anyway back story to my question. ( and incase anyone jumps on) this isn't about that alliance. What I want to know is:

In the wars of Epsilon now, do we see winning a war as the tally of conquests shown in grepostats as winning


Is winning advancing on position, making the enemy lose ground, forcing their players to quit or leave said alliance?

*This isn't a personal alliance thread, just a discussion on views. so no arguments*


I always look at the number of owned Oceans & land gained . but a total win would see the alliance disbanned or split into a lot of small fractions .
I don't like to see players rimmed & prefer to give them a chance to join or step aside as we need active players to keep this world going .


Personally i think it should be a fight till One or the other asks for terms, or the alliance losing breaks up, the reason for this is wars are not personal they are against alliances so saying this people should be given a chance to back down. On the other hand if they carry on attacking in their new alliance then the war continues.
I have negotiated terms for many alliances and it gets easier if the alliance on top is reasonable.
Whilst i understand what Jack is saying about active players giving people a chance is like leaving future enemies grow behind your lines.

The Mighty ZEUZ

as of now in epsilon I would say # of conquests would prove it.

Besides is it really gonna last long enough to Rim a player before they decide the current alliance is junk and they jump ship to somewere else?


I think that
Is winning advancing on position, making the enemy lose ground, forcing their players to quit or leave said alliance?
would show that your alliance was winning but to show that you had won i think it is ether.

They ask for terms, Disband or merge or you get into a situation that you have no incoming attacks from the alliance and the war runs out of steam because your attacking an enemy that wont hit back.

I tend to find that after fighting a team for long enough you start to like the enemy and don't have the drive to keep pushing on. But that may be that I am too chatty when fighting or have just happened to fight only really nice people in the game. I couldn't imagine ever wanting to Rim someone :heh: