What do I do


I am being conquered.
Lost my wall from catapult attacks, and I don't think my captain can do much when I don't have a navy.
I need support badly in Athens (Ocean 37).
Riot ends in a few hours, and no signs of a cs (so, can I tell if there is or not coming?).
Stupid game has the max on militia being at farm level 25: and I have a level 40 farm. So I've been thinking that's ...
Any support or tips? :supermad:


If a CS is coming, you will see it as a attack.
How far is he from you (by CS)?



City still stands.
They've taken a little break, more attacks coming tomorrow I'd wager. Except they're the final attacks.

I have requested a merge into Total Domination for my allies, as I've had the poll up long enough, and the vote for a merge into Total Domination was unanimous.