Discussion What do you think about this?


This is a proposal for my defensive towns, so what do you think about it?
Let's say that after the construction of city remain 2581 free pop.
In each city would be made 200 BRM, 240 sw, 80 ar, 160 ho, 30 fts, that is for support.
Remains 351 fre pop.
+ 176 sw, 58 ar, 117 ho
+ cities with Hades 5 cerb, 180 ar, 21 ho
+ cities with Hera 15 med, 81 sw
Medusa and Hop + 30 fts can also be used to attack.
This should be balanced defense.


Currently, mythical units are practically worthless.
The land unit balance is reasonable. I would consider having slightly fewer Biremes and a few more land units, but I don't see any definite answer to what balance of Navy/Land units you should have.


What do you mean worthless?

While mythical units, once built, tend to be reasonable units, they are not worth the favor it takes to build them. Perhaps once the rebalancing rolls out, this may change, but for now they are not worth the favor, even if they are worth the population.