what happen 2 joining Iota

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by satelite, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. satelite

    satelite Guest

    why cant we invite friends anymore
  2. Lane

    Lane Guest

    Once the era of World Wonders I don't believe you're allowed to invite more players. Correct me if I'm wrong. ;)
  3. cabz bii

    cabz bii Guest

    are you ever wrong lane :p

    yes after the era of the world wonder's start (a world reaches 180 million points i think ) no more players can join..
  4. Lane

    Lane Guest

    Bahah. Quite often tbh. :D

    But...I don't admit it..:eek:
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  5. cabz bii

    cabz bii Guest

    well that is the best way and if in doubt deny all knowlage :p:p
  6. crusnicXIII

    crusnicXIII Guest

    looks like iota is about to die...
  7. scucko

    scucko Guest

    no will not. we have big fight now for ww. when we build it there will be much fun. you will see ;)
  8. najimur

    najimur Guest

    wow i never knew about this :S

    soo... we're never gonna have new players?
  9. Lane

    Lane Guest

    No, Iota is closed to new players as far as I'm aware of. ;)
  10. Calamack

    Calamack Phrourach

    Nov 27, 2010
    Aw shucks, I was thinking a playing on my favorite server again.
  11. Lane

    Lane Guest

    Well if your previous alliance has accounts they're handing over to new players I'm sure you could gather one. :)

    Just would need to send in a support ticket to the Iota moderator letting them know your plans, and also the person handing over the account would need to send in a support ticket letting them know you'll be getting the account.
  12. BluePips

    BluePips Phrourach

    Apr 15, 2012

    :cool: its open again, and you can invite again
  13. disketeer

    disketeer Guest

    Now I just need to make some friends... XD
  14. Lane

    Lane Guest

    /hides in corner

    Lonely...Mr Lonely...I have nobody ...for my ownnnn....I'm so lonely...
  15. StrikeHard

    StrikeHard Guest

    Akon! On helium!
  16. crusnicXIII

    crusnicXIII Guest

    lane, someone bring me back!!!
  17. Lane

    Lane Guest

    *Giggle* Indeed!

    Surely TDC has some accounts to give away. Where have they all went? Hopefully they check the forum. Crus if you come back....nvm.. :D Hehe.
  18. reme84

    reme84 Guest

    The sulking is almost over,we will be back on here to annoy you in no time:)
  19. crusnicXIII

    crusnicXIII Guest

    well I hope this will re-awaken the IOTA forums to what they were in the summer/fall of 2011:)
    and who knows maybe I'll be able to return.
  20. Lane

    Lane Guest

    Whoop Whoop! I need some action in these forums! :p
    I'm holding you to that reme...I forgot whose account you have so I'll just call you reme.. :D I forget easily if you haven't noticed! lol

    Re-awaken?! Pfft...I wish. :/