what happen 2 joining Iota

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by satelite, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. crusnicXIII

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    don't we all wish:(
  2. Lane

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    I miss the days of debates every day! :p
  3. reme84

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  4. Lane

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    Haha..Figured that was who had it but wasn't 100% correct so didn't want to say a name. :D Anyways...
  5. reme84

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    yes anyways lets get some argument and fall out going on here, like the old days:p. lets make iota fun. but no mention of tomb ww please :heh:...
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  6. Lane

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    Not sure there's much to argue about although you pick the topic and I'll join..Although not sure this is the thread for that as we're currently off-topic! [insert wink eye]
  7. Also i'm watching :p

    I can confirm once a world enters the WW stage no 'new' players may join, The gifting of accounts being the only exception to that rule.
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    Thank you for clarifying.