What is the New Order?


Top 10 Alliances as of today :

1 IMPERIUM of Hekate 34269987 points 46 members
2 IMPERIUM 19628514 28
3 Order of Chaos 18904418 40
4 Myriad 14202619 36
5 JUGGERNAUT 12658517 31
6 Infectious State 11409275 16
7 Killer Instinct 10940827 44
8 Rebellion 4592866 7
9 super stains 2939858 31
10 COLOSSUS 1824308 29

Allowing for the fact that IS will probably soon cease to exist, who is now allied with who? IS were close to Juggernaut/Colossus. Assuming that Killer Instinct, Rebellion and superstains are doing their own thing, that leaves the two Imperiums, Order of Chaos and Myriad as the main players. I think it's true to say that the Imperiums had leanings towards IS which explains why so many former IS players have recently joined them.

So does that leave us with an Imperiums / Juggernaut axis versus a Chaos / Myriad axis? Or am I reading it wrong. Anybody any insights?


It is obvious that IS were the winners of Lambda, no matter how you measure it. They also took the victory of long exhausting WW race.

I started grepolis accidentally and ended up being 1st regular member of alliance called Devils Rising. I had 300 points and we had all together total of 1000 points. Soon after that we switched our name to Sons of Hekate. We were still a little alliance at ocean 35 and tried to work our way up against same sized rivals and against big guys and alliances near us. We started relatively late and had to survive in shadows of old KI.

At some point we went together and formed a brotherhood with IMPERIUM and we became IMPERIUM of Hekate. Big promise was made, we would stick together till the last day of Lambda. We took apart to great world war in Lambda, those were the greatest and most fun times in Lambda. After WW race many IS guys went to Achilles and there was nothing to win anymore and we kinda herited the number one spot. We fought alongside of IS for a long time, so naturally remaining old IS actives came to our side.

Its been a long way to number one spot, some of us been together since Christmas 2010 and never left our crew. Lots of fun times with great people. Even that we herited our spot after IS went to Achilles, we earned and deserved to be here with hard work.

I know Lamdba is fading and players are leaving, but lets enjoy the last fights we got over here!