What is this blasphemy?!


So, I'm fairly new to KAPPA and I'm situated in O25!

Was just curious to know why there are so many "United Alliance"
alliances. Is there some major alliance and just other "brother" or "sister" alliances that branch off the alliance?

I'm only curious because I see there's like two or three of them.

On another hand, there are a lot of alliances that are like MRAs.


Rank Name Points Cities Average points
1 Global Pirate Party 988421 155 6377

This is for Ocean 25. I mean what is this? I used to play Grepolis a while back and was in DAFT in Zeta and some other top alliances in Beta etc a while ago. Our average points were way higher. But I'm only basing this in O25. Sounds too much like MRA to me. Does this happen in other oceans as well or is it just Ocean 25?

Anyway, on a whole scale, the top 3 alliances are really good. That is cities:average points ratio etc. Examples:

Rank Name Points Players Average points
1 Public Enemy 17898751 77 232451
2 VRoD 13575832 68 199645
3 Confederate States 11896396 79 150587



there will always be MRAs in grepo. However they never last long due to inexperienced and/or inactive member and/or poor leadership. The United Alliance will not last long, in fact half of its former top members ran back to Phantom Knights.

Thomas The Magnificent

Ah.... 025. Good times I had in there.... I'll miss that...