What the Player Council Doesn't Want You To Know: How The First Meeting Really Went?

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My Own Version of The DevCall:(Even Though I did not Participate)
Part 1) We were introduced to the Team, and learned how Inno works, and makes their decisions
  • Looks like Bernard is growing his beard out again; I should make a No-Shave November Joke.
  • Man, why is everyone wearing such dark colors? I know it's Germany! But it can't be that bad there?
  • Anyone wonder what happened to Nils, the former Leader... somebody should tell him great idea on the Classic Server's this summer. Ohh wait! Thorsten is Nils!!! Guess he didn't like being called Nils.
  • Shouldn't somebody from Marketing also be included in this call? What about that girl from InnoTV? I thought that was part of the deal!?
  • I wonder if the Dev's will be on Inno TV next month, probably not.. They should work on that, get some exposure
  • Wow! I didn't realize how curly Stefanie's hair is!
  • Hmmm, I'm hungry..... am I allowed to pause Skype Calls... maybe that would be rude; Ohh well, Pizza Man is coming in 11 minute, I wonder if I can give him resources for the Pizza?
Part 2) They told us about our roles and we tossed around some ideas.
  • They sayed I am a "Leader", and a "Pillar of the Community", with "Big Shoes"; I feel important; I love when people hype me up
  • Hmmm.. I wonder if they secretly play the game? I wonder who's the biggest gold spender... my guess is Thorsten! Anyone else want to bet? 100 Gold anyone?
  • Don't they know that Group Skype Calls cost money..? I sense a way in which they can cut costs in their department....Ohh well, probably shouldn't say anything
  • Ideas! Ohh let me get a word in.. oh wait, everyone is talking at the same time. I'll let the others talk this time, i'm here to listen
Part 3) Wrap-Up
  • Homework! I love homework!
  • Maybe this is the time to ask why they use "Mr.Pink" as their test account? Who is Mr.Pink?
  • Boring Non-Disclosure stuff... I'm kinda half paying attention, other half looking at the Premier League Scores.. gotta win my Fantasy League this week.
End Of Call)
  • So if I cannot talk about the call, what do I say?
  • Lets play Nose-Go's.. 1..2..3.."Not it!" Phew, at least I'm not reporting back on the External Forums
Stay Tuned for Next Edition of "Real" Player Council Updates
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I am at the edge of my seat for the next exciting skype call.



i'm sure its to prevent us from whizzing on electric fences and that sort of thing, safety first!