What would you do in this situation?


Hi all,
i would like to expose my situation to have suggestion on it.
My ally has a problem on a grepolis server.
We are the first ally of the server. it's not a very populated server, about 40 active players, forming 3 allies.
obviously the second and third ally are trying to work togheter to stop us expansion with no good result. we are still spreading on their islands and closing the most of ours. The only polis they are taking is from inactive, far from our Island or they started to create city on islet.

That's why they asked help to GO, and the problem is that they accepted to help them:
First ban was 5 days ago, we didnt put lot of attention on it because our allied had a bad word in a polis name, and they said that was the reason for the ban. That polis name was there from 6 months, and they put in a 3-days attackable ban.. we thought it was too severe, but okay.. we continued playing as usual, defending the banned allied.
then he came back with no defense and most off destroyed and we took a new well defended polis from them, covered with about 4500 birems, starting to close a new islands and then the GO intervention:
They banned other 3 of us for a 3-Days Attackable Ban again, like it was normal part of enemyes war strategy, reason for my ban is BOT USING. I'm not very expert in bot using, but i have never installed nothing on my browser, no script, or greasemonkey, no addons or else. My PC is new and perfectly clean, and i'm using Microsoft Edge browser for playing.

I opened support ticket and they answered me after 12 hours. You are banned for breaking rules, and nothing else. I replied to explain me what bot i'm using because i have none, and it was about 6 hours ago, but they are not answering.
I asked to a different support and they told me i have to write to Innogames directly about this situation.
I hope they will solve it and this 'shame' will not happen again.

What do you think about what happened ?
And what else do you suggest me to do?

Ty for reading