White Noise


We are White Noise!!​

A new alliance on the rise currently based in O46 and searching for new members!​

The alliance is led by myself and rodthebod72, with input from all of our members and a developing council. We are still small currently, being in a new and undeveloped ocean just outside of the core. With very few members at present we sit atop the ocean rankings, and are looking for more players to join our ranks in taking over the world!

Our current requirements to join the alliance are as follows:
-Based in and around Ocean 46
-Have experience or be willing to learn
-Willing to be a team member and help all alliance members
-Those who remember to KILL 'EM ALL

If you would like to be a part of White Noise send a message to me (FerociousPanda) or rodthebod72 in-game. If you have not yet joined the world and would like to be a member, make sure to select you direction as southwest. We are looking for those players who want to fight and conquer this world alongside us! Because :pro:

Good luck and happy conquering to all!