who is the worst noob you have came accross


Nice to see you finding fun ways to spend your playing time. I'm sure your post was very entertaining, I'll have a look at it later...

I hope you are joking. Posts like Apocalypse's are the ones that keep this forum from being completely dead.


A new Dickens book is discovered

The Times: one of the greatest pieces of our time, without a doubt.
The Telegraph: absolutely inspiring, that dead mans grasp of the english language has defined the literature of today.
Nuadha's Press: I'm sure it was very good, I will tell you by the time the next book comes out

x Apocalypse x

I'm glad some of you liked it. Not sure what that other guys problem was......maybe he used to play under the name "Valdeck" ?? ;)



nuff said.


Well, talking about noob attacks:

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Just keeping this thread alive.
Biggest noob I came across in Kappa was this guy who wanted to be my ally.
I had 250,000 points at the time and this guy called The Nutman sent me a message.
One day he sent me a message for me to help him so I did (Just to be nice [5 briemes] LOL)
He then puts in his profile.....
"If you plan to attack me, know that I am in an allience and very near pact members that are willing to help me so, not a wise desicion...plus I have the help of poohbearfish and you don't wanna mess with that player."
A few weeks later he calls for help again!
I say no and that the only way we can be allies is if he can offer something to me because, I don't even know him.
He asks me what he needed to do.
I then said that he needs to send 1,000 of each recourse to one of my cities everyday.
He says okay and started for the first two days.
After that he stops and I ask what the hold up was and he says that he needs to rebuild his troops after he was attacked.
I check Grepolis Stats.
He didn't increase in DBP.... How Strange.
I then let him go.