who misses delta. Band of misfit players?


who here misses delta? I wasn't able to play for a couple months for personal reasons I left a little after my alliance merged into Black and all my cities ghosted. I played in the Band of misfits alliance (B.O.M) it was truly the only alliance I've ever liked in all the worlds I've played in grepolis. Delta was really the best world with the best players and I'll miss it and I hate the fact that I can't get back in it. Who else misses this server and which alliance did you guys play in and are their any other B.O.M players here?


I would like to get back in too. I played with the Macedonian Empire, the best alliance ever. I won't create a new account and go into a new world because it won't be the same. Alexander the II was the best Leader ever!


I loved playing Delta. I was in the Top 5 when I left. Had irl issues and couldn't play. Gave my account away and I think it ghosted shortly after. I was in the Harbs, but probably the funnest I've ever had was when me & Greco dominated Ocean 36. How's everybody been? I want to get back into the swing of things & play again. Anybody heard from Greco, TicTac, DavidHarryDad, Sparky, etc? Those are the guys I remember the most back in my day.


I miss old delta days,it was really good server...
But now its very boring server and every day there are less and less active players...
Lot of ghosts and inactives there.


I have been away for a few weeks now, missed the end of delta due to RL things am still in Sparta but wondering if I should go back? Has anybody started in a new world yet. If you here of a good one starting up email me dbblinds@btinternet.com, good look to you all in RL.