Who's fighting who ? :)

Hades Hunger

Hello :)

I thought that a thread with the current on going wars on it which I will update as they change would be a good idea.

If any of these are wrong please post below to help correct them. The information comes from members of that alliance which could be wrong so please don't get angry if there are any mistakes

Unstable Spartans - The Immortals + Legions Of Gaul + New Era + Elite + United Celtic Warriors

Blackwater - N.A.T.O - Lost Empire

New Era - Unstable Spartans

Elite - Unstable Spartans + N.A.T.O

The Immortals - Unstable Spartans

Lost Empire - Blackwater

Legions Of Gaul - Unstable Spartans

Reapers of Darkness - Wicked Trolls

N.A.T.O - Elite + Blackwater

Wicked Trolls - Reapers of Darkness


The True War Lords - Revolution

Triad -

United Celtic Warriors - Unstable Spartans

Revolution - The True War Lords

The Lonely Pooper - Constipation
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Been Jamin

New Era is fighting Unstable Spartans and possibly Reapers of Darkness as well.

Hades Hunger

Thank you :) I have updated the list :) Anyone know who the ones that aren't filled out are at war with ? :)


Reapers of Darkness - Wicked Trolls
The intrinsic tragedy of war. These two might have had a lot in common. They both might've liked to fish, you know, and might've liked to hunt. Of course, they're both doing what they're supposed to do. But under different circumstances, they might have been good friends.

Grimiore Heart

Some updates:

New Era and Legions of Gaul merged into Relentless. Relentless is at war with Unstable Spartans

Reapers of Darkness merged with The True War Lords while Wicked Trolls merged with Revolution and are called Revolting Wicked Trolls (both RoD and RWT are still fighting)


Triad are at war with Lost Empire, The Immortlas, The Thracian Rebirth and Relentless :)