who's warring with who??


just out of sheer nosiness i was just wandering who is actually still fighting and who you are fighting.
we know that the FED are pretty much dead and buried now so mopping up in progress.
and according to the grapevine the lads at Vanguard wreckon they are holding their own against us.?

kinda sorry to see them lose that city so easily tonight tho. guess they thought 1800 birs was going to be enough.
any hoo until the next world of speed 3 opens we'd be as well making use of our time and get rookies up to speed IF a speed 3 ever opens again.
(revolt) world before you all jump in and say there was one..

try and stay on track here this is not a baiting thread.



Well The Battle Show and Cerberus are defeating Triage and the Guardians.