Why are we here


The world wonders have been build several times over. I think 2 times by RA and once by BS. Now RA is rebuilding them again after a loooooooong (sort of) battle with BS.

The only reason I care is that me and a few others have committed to stay till the end of this world before quitting grepo. Sort of a last time around the block. No, we won't ghost. Just a matter of principle of keeping a promise. A promise that i sometimes wish we had not made as this world is taking too long. Far too long.

As we can't ghost, can the rest of you please start leaving faster so that into can close this world. Nothing more to be gained....i think. Maybe i am wrong there. Enlighten me if you can




hope finally this world will die after some time of completion of last wonder by Repo.


and today is that day, its finally gonna RIP.
good show everybody.