Question Why is it that players cannot restart if they are still under Beginner's Protection?

At this moment I have a great burning curiosity about this question, why is it that players cannot restart if they are under beginner's protection? I restarted on one world and realized I wasn't in an ocean I liked, why must we wait until beginner's protection is over? Why can't we just restart immediately and try to get into an ocean I want? I understand that deleting an account takes 7 days, but why must we wait for restarting?


To prevent abuse. If you can reset your account straight away it is for example possible to invite your friends at the start of a world and make them reset straight away.. This opens up colonisation spots on islands with farming villages on the first day. If you want to colonize a city in the first few days of a world you are forced to do this on the smaller islands, those without farming villages.