Why we need to play more when we won?


This is for moderators and everybody in innogames who are in charge about Grepolis.

In every online game, when you reach certain goal, the game/server is ended. That is the point of playing, to finally win and that you can say to all other losers, i won, more luck next time. But no, here in Grepolis, they have different rules for us. For a long time, we didn't have a goal at all. Than finally we get the goal. Wow ! That was a real victory for us players. We know why we are playing. We started to reach our goal and victory conditions, but no, they changed them while we play. The game will not end when you build your wonders, no, why should be ended ? You have so massive advantage with your wonders. I can't imagine how i can live before without 5% discount on Phoenician merchant, with 5% more favour production, or without 10% speed up on victory procession !? The only somehow usefull bonuses are 1500 more storage capacity and 3% more resources, but is so insignificant as advantage that hardly deserves attention. And then we had 1000 active players limit, which, when were close to be fullfilled, instantly fall to new limit of 300 active players (not to mention what is active player by them : player who logs at least ONCE A MONTH !? Hello, what are you talking about ? Once a month active player ? Really ? In which online game ? I can understand that you have problems to keep players in the game, but on this way with so stupid rules and regulations, you will loose even more and more players. Just take a look at other online games how they function ? Or you think that we will play Kappa server as long as we are alive ? I don't think so....


Some people don't want the world to end or their hard work to go to waste.


Perhaps in worlds other than Kappa, the winning alliance might actually have to fight to continue to hold the wonders. Kappa alliances don't seem to be able to mount a big enough challenge to present a possible threat. If they did, you could see why the world didn't just end when we completed the wonder.


There are a lot of players who have one 175 points city ,more then 4 month already and just login Kappa to talk with some his friends and that's it. And they are active players?

What was sensse of these wonders ?

Have consciense guys .....