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No idea....

Wait! Aphrodite....

Is this where to go when told to get a room?


jabba55 is on the war path right now, you tell them bro. crush your enemies and hear the lamentations of there women as they are driven before you.


Although with people crushing and lamenting all over the place you might want to be alone.

Archon of Corinth

Temple of Aphrodite Ourania

Good question. Even I don't know. :D

I was standing on the platform of Embankment Underground yesterday when I happened to bump into Boris (as you do). He is a student of "The Greats" , don't you know? According to Bojo:

QUOTE= BORIS - allegedly
"Oooo ahhh well ... Aphrodite was born when Cronus cut off Uranus' meat and... uhmm... two veg and flung it into the sea. There was this huuuge maelstrom of froth, foam and general bubble bath pandemonium - and out popped...ahhh... Aphrodite. Now she was also known as the Lady of Cythera after one of the two cult sites set up to worship in her honour. I say...I say... don't doze off. I haven't finish yet.... uhmmm...now where was I... Oooo ahhh yes....The cult worshipped her in two aspects. One was the pleb...ooo ahhh. Musn't use that word...common earthly goddess of the people Aphrodite Pandemos and the other was ... ahhh the toffs version... Aphrodite Ourania - dawn goddess of transcendent principles. So there you... ahhh... have it. Of course poor old Uranus ended up with....uhhmmm... none at all but at least he gained a daughter and we have a new uhhmmm forum....bye"

N.B. The account of Aphrodite Ourana is by and large accurate. The alleged conversation with a British Politician is ...oooo ahhh uhmm.... fictional
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As its Sunday and as protection is soon to run out.....
Thought I would make an offering in the temple and see if there is any wine hidden behind the alter *hic*


Worship burgers and fries while building warships.

We can have it all.