Wolf Pack just lost their quality !!!

Admiral Naji

Wolf Pack was an alliance with one of the best quality players in the server !!

But now they just loose it, by accepting a big Fat nooby MRA alliance U.N.S.C. merge in them.

it is a pitty to see such noobs with 10~15K points and zero BP joining Wolf Pack :eek:


Hm. That certainly is a twist. How'd you find out about this?


Thank you for the intel

What was the number count of U.N.S.C before the merge ?
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I don't want to be rude but U.N.S.C had 132 members and Wolf Pack only have 29 at the moment.

Is there something i'm missing?

The rawr

Wolf Pack is one of the best alliances that this server has and will have... :) I talked with their leaders earlier and knw very well what they are capable of. Full respect for that group and they are not going to loss anything so fast for sure..they are here to stay and dominate...

I hv no idea what they are upto at the moment though, bt whatever it is, it is not EN - KRYPTED... ;)


lol..way to kill an MRA.

Shouldn't this be like a milstone? A major disband or so? USNC isn't there anymore..lol