Wolf Pack or Malicious


Well Gela forums are a little dull, only certain alliances are on the forums and the ones that are aren't really fighting so we don't get to hear any good arguments. I thought it would be interesting to see which alliance of these two the forum thinks will be around longer, WP or Malicious. They both have around the same member count and around the same points.


Hello all. I just joined world Gela, and this is my first post in the forum.

I don't know anything about Malicious, but I once encountered another Wolf Pack on another world and was not impressed by them


Too many people copy other peoples alliance names, no one uses their own imagination!


Yes. There is always at least one alliance with Wolf somewhere in the name; it happens in every world. People just like wolves.

I can't decide which one is better. If I really had to choose, I'd go with Wolf Pack. Malicious isn't making much progress. They've gotten plenty of BP, sure. But what profit did they make from that?


I vote wolfpack.

Malicious are very strong, they made a lot of BP..they are aggressive. But that was in the beginning. It seems they are dropping back. Wolfpack is still raising. So..I vote for the wolves

Gaara Hawthorne

Wolf Pack will and is getting stronger while Malicious will drop back .

Duke Handsome

My money is on Wolf Pack.
There are almost as handsome as me you see.


Probably Wolf. I have just left Malic. due to leaderships inactivity and inability to run effective ops. There were only 4 or 5 players who were carrying the whole alliance. I dropped them and the other main player elchivo ghosted his cities.


Leadership was inactive. Members started leaving and it fell apart.

I liked them, they brought some skill to the table.