Question Wonded Heroes and Their Abilities


My question is do heroes' abilities still apply if they are wounded during an attack?

Say, for (a totally random) example, you send Jason to attack with 27 Harpies. Jason increases the loot carrying capacity of your units. If Jason gets a booboo alongside 20 dead Harps, do the remaining 7 still get the bonus Jason would have provided to him had he lived?


Silver Witch

A hero can only be used if he/she is in perfect health. In the example above Jason was healthy when he was used to send with the attack so no matter what happens on arrival the units that survive will have his benefit.

Helen is the same as @monkey trouble has said.

Leonidas will provide improved def up to and including the attack that wounds him and thereafter for the next attack he cannot help.

So yes - if a hero is wounded during an attack any benefits that the hero has will still apply to that attack.


Agree with monkey and SW.
As long as your hero is wounded DURING the attack, abilities apply.
If you send an already wounded hero to attack, no good.
This works the same for defense. If your hero is wounded on attack #1, abilities work. But for attack #2, he/ she has no strength, abilities, or defense.