Wonder War! Who will win?

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Essex I've got a question for you how did you guys manage to get your wonder up so fast I mean us here in TSN (now Virus) were 3/4 filled up already and you had to take a city beck and we accelerated like no tomorrow . Is it just because you guys are all clustered inside those oceans so much or was it because of you guys using the premiums or was there more to it than that?


We have great members who donate many times a day. And we accelerated a lot as well. We ask everyone to designate all resources and favor to WW when it is in need. We do have a pretty tight core so we are able to donate 3-5 times each day.


Well Gino, looks like your alliance lost its ONLY world wonder. I had a feeling you would lose it... just not so easy and so soon. So thanks for the opportunity to get another WW.

ummm. we didn't have to take it over for you to lose it. guess the joke was you.

sad part, losing it and then getting it back so that you are somewhat at the same place as you were before has become some sort of 'victory' for you. yay for you... i guess.
I consider it a personal victory. how you bragged about being number one. and now you're trying to explain to people all the reasons why you're not anymore.
how great leader this and that, and you can't even keep some of your most strategically positioned players in place. quit or was inactive for long enough, someone among the leaders in your squad dropped the ball.
that talk about how well you can protect your islands and how you keep mentioning in every conversation about the DefBP you're getting. you lost the Wonder. guess all that super defensive capabilities meant nothing.

sad part. you lost a Wonder. who does that? ...i mean. i never lost a Wonder. the only time i can recall anybody anywhere commit such a colossal #Fail was when i looked towards the edge of the world map and checked up on one of the really, really small alliances and ......wait. even none of them messed up that big. #Milestone

maybe you should kick Dethgar again and then invite him back after he founds a couple more cities. you wouldn't lose anything. in fact, you'd be gaining a couple cities. so it'd work out to be even better than this current fiasco! ..and of course, the joke would be on me. shouldn't have given you such good ideas. i like jokes. Not You! not you! i like other jokes. ...not you.


lol! well we're not too far from getting it back. guess it'll be up to the favor race again.
i didn't think we were gonna lose it the way we did either. guess it was more precarious than i thought. oh well. at least we weren't the first ones to lose. maybe it's from hanging out with you too much. your over-hyped-ness has rubbed off.

no need to thank me now. you can thank me when you quit. or when they shut down the world on you. -whichever comes first.

see how i've worked to improve myself? one whole post without a "..."

...Darn it!! darn it all to heck.


lol. umm. we weren't the first ones to lose a WW. we didn't get ours back after we lost it, but....

and we weren't that far away. we can't outrace the bigger gold players. they have a clear advantage over non-gold players in this "free" browser game.
you shouldn't get so caught-up in your own hype.