World Beta's Official News Column


Official World Beta-s News Column

Well hello everybody, as most of you will know by now I am Dobby, a player who spends more time on the forum than the actual game. Anyhow, I have now taken it upon myself, by continuous request, to create the official news column for World Beta each week. So here it is...


World Beta created 21 January 2010

After a mild wait after Alpha was created it was officially announced that the second world, World Beta, would be created on the 21st January 2010. From that day on, players started organising strategies, creating alliances, building their poli and building up their armies until we have what we have today - the world 24 days later starting to take shape.

Player Rankings

1.) thug2605
2.) Aliens
3.) Toko
4.) ll.Andras
5.) betamax

At the top it looks like thug2605 will be cementing his place at the top after capturing his second village and with it becoming the first player on Beta to do so. So congratulations to thug for this! Just behind we can see Aliens who is just over 50 points away and may beome thug's biggest challenge in the future.

Alliance Rankings

1.) COIG
2.) This is Sparta
3.) Lions
4.) Romanian Warriors
5.) Northwest Kindered

Well the alliance rankings are a completely different story, looking like the alliances who can recruit the most players will feature highest up the board. Anyhow, since this is an impartial column I shall not be calling anyone mass-recruiters. Although all top 5 alliances have member counts over 400, so I shall let you make your own minds up. Although I guess COIG deserve some sort of recognition for becoming the first alliance to gain over 1 million points, so well done for that - even if it was by recruiting over 700 members.

In other alliance news, I would like to Army or Aliens for gaining the number 1 rank in alliance kills.

Alliances to Watch

Phenomen - As most of you will have noticed by now, Phenomen are the alliance with the highest points per member average and are looking like they are the alliance to beat. With only 55 members, ranking 26th on points and 3rd in alliance kills they look like they could certainly be top 3 material very soon once the world develops. I would also like to say a big congratualtions to Kadjayuni for leading them so well and making them all they are today.

Serenity - The alliance in the top 55 with the lowest member count at 40 they seem to be doing incredibly well. With no bias from myself, players like Serenity and bAdg3r are doing a great job in teaching and helping the members to reach their full potential and they have truly become a big threat in not only 053 but also the whole world. Also closing in on Phenomen's best point per member average they will soon start to stand out as one of the best.

Extraho Imperium - Formerly known as Extraho Empire, Ryan and his empire, now imperium, of extra-ho's look to be doing very well. With only 23 members they rank at number 86 for points and an impressive 12 for alliance kills they look to be the real deal. With both Phenomen and Serenity they look like they will be on top of the world once it develops further.


Currently I am not aware of any wars going on, or any publicly announced wars for that matter. So if anyone would like to notify me in time for next weeks column then that would be highly appreciated.

And as we will every week, we will finish with our quote of the week...

This is this week's - War is better served on a plate, with lots of gravy on top! As said by me :)

And finally, I would like to ask that if anyone knows of any news for next weeks column or any further on columns then please contact me either on here or in game. Thanks.

The One And Only!


World Beta-s Official News Column - Issue 2​


Welcome back to the Official News Column of World Beta. The only place to be to gain all the latest news and gossip from the world that we all love and build on. So straight onto the news now. I promise to try my best to make this issue more interesting and as helpful as possible, although we are still lacking news sources.

World Ruled By Aliens?

I know some of you arent his biggest fans, heck I am most definately not, butoints: we still have to give him some credit for what he has done. Currently he either leads, or is in the top 3 in every set of rankings. He has grouded out respect from us, and that is why he is featuring in this weeks column. Here are his current stats:

Player information
Rank: 1.
Name: Aliens
Alliance: Army of Aliens
Points: 10,491
Cities: 3
Average points per city: 3,497
Alliance changes: 1
Colonizations: 2
Best rank: 1. 12th February 2010
Kill ranking: 2. 3,122 points
Kill ranking (offense): 1. 3,079 points
Kill ranking (defense): 2353. 43 points

However much we may not be fond of him, with those kind of stats and the fact that he seems to be taking over this world forces us to give him the respect he deserves, so well done to Aliens!

Roman Republic Ruins Roman Reputation.

What do you think of when you think about the romans? How they were possibly the greatest fighters, or even the greatest group of people, who ever lived? Or possibly how they changed the world for the better and gave us the foundations for what we have today? Most certainly you wouldnt have thought of an alliance of players (a massive 360 to be exact) who cannot work as a team and where half of them dont even log in. They truly have brought shame to the great Romans. With a measly point average which is less than 1,000 they cant really be hoping to go anywhere fast in the future. It's not all bad though; I gained news from an unknown source stating that they are restructuring. But before you start thinking they may become half decent, we were told they still had masses of inactives aboard. And this quote from one of their members just about sums them up..."None of the leaders seem to know what to do next and they are inviting without thought, keeping inactives just to make sure they remain in the top 20."

Alliance League To Save The World!

Whilst on the subject of alliances, we have news of a group of small alliances have come together to form a justice league style team who are willing to fight back against the masses of mass recruiters. The idea behind it, is that the smaller alliances can have the safety of larger numbers without having to give up their independence. There have been no mergers involved, just a diplomatic agreement so that the small alliances can survive against the overpowering mass-recruiters. There is an external forum, to maximise communications between the alliances and the group is centered around Ocean 44 with members in both 43 an 45 but expansion plans are in place for them to move further out. If anybody wants any more details of the group then they can contact Karl Hans In-Game.

An interview with RyanWard08

As a new feature from now onwards we shall be interviewing a player each week to find out their insight into the world. This week we interviewed RyanWard08 - leader of Extraho Imperium.

What do you think of the world so far and how do you think it is shaping up?

I think it’s shaping up quite nicely, with the first two settlement players now showing themselves and alliances showing their colours. We are still very early on in the world so it’s difficult to judge the way it’s going to go in the future.

Which/what alliance(s) do you like the look of at the moment (excluding your own)?

Well apart from the obvious Serenity and Phenomen, I like the look of D.I.E and Praetorian Guardians who have a slightly higher members total and slightly lower average but 98% of their members are located in Ocean 65 and so will be very difficult to shift. Another alliance who I don’t necessarily like the look of but have been surprised by is Army of Aliens who have given proved to be different (not necessarily better) than the other mass recruiters in that they have proved to be aggressive and pretty well armed in some departments.

Do you plan to stick around on this world, or are you going to leave? E.G. Is it exciting enough?

I have absolutely no plans to leave Beta, I have a good alliance here and I fully plan on proving that small groups of highly skilled players with good coordination are more than a match for mass recruiters. The world is quickly getting more and more exciting with increased levels of diplomacy going on, which one of the main reasons I play these games.

What are your aims at the moment on this world? For both you and your alliance?

My personal goals were firstly to clear my island which I have done, and now it will be to keep my troop levels high and aim for a conquest on my island. For my alliance it is to finalize the core members of between 30 and 40 members, and then to clear every foreign player on those islands. Whilst also finalizing early political issues.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Just good luck to everyone in the coming months and hope for a very fun and battle filled experience either against or alongside you all.

Alliance Insight: Mor do Kuli

Ok, so for our final feature this week we shall be looking at an interesting, small, under the radar alliance who not many people know about. Mor do Kuli have so far gone under the radar and gone about their business quietly. They seem to have a good understanding of the game, and good leadership. With an alliance average of 2016 they seem to be up their with the greats. Their tight knit, close alliance makes them seem quite impressive and it will be interesting to see how they fare in the future. Definately an alliance to watch.

Quote Of The Week : "Nah, all these things won't work. Find a surgeon or me to fix that horse. It will be in a stable condition after the surgery.(HAHA! :D Geddit?)" As stated by Poison-Don.

Thats all for this week, get your news in for next week now!​


Official World Beta-s News Column – Issue 3

Here we go with the 3rd issue of the Official World Beta-s News Column. This week we hope to have lots of useful and interesting stories to tell you about the goings on in the weird and wonderful World Beta! So straight on with the news, but before I do I would just like to say a big thank you to Yondo, for all his help with this issue...He knows what I mean.

War is on the cards?

Earlier this week, I gained news that war may possibly be on the cards for the first time in this world. It was leaked to me that Legion. Were going to be getting ready to put on their sandals and pick up their wooden sticks and head off to attack Army of Aliens. Could it be true? And if so, can those timid, little Greeks/Romans (whatever they class themselves) really defeat the snot coloured Aliens?


In all honesty, it is about time this world saw some action. I’ll keep you updated on this matter.

Interview with Aliens
Whilst on the topic of Army of Aliens it only seems fair that we get an insight into what their leader, and current number 1 player Aliens thinks. Last week, we showed you how he was on top of the world, this week we show you what he actually thinks. In the same format as Ryan’s last week, here is our interview with Aliens.

1.) What do you think of the world so far and how do you think it is shaping up?

The game itself is a really fun game. The game makers have really done a good job and they appear to be updating the game all the time. I also like the help support system. This game really has the chance to be around for a long time.

As for Beta world. Many things are going to change in the next 2-4 weeks. This game is design unlike any other I have play. And to many players are playing it like those other games. Many players are making mistakes every day. Because they are still learning the game or playing it as if it was one of those other games..

2.) Which/what alliance(s) do you like the look of at the moment (excluding your own)?

I would love to answer this question but then I would be teaching to many about what is going to happen in the near future. Too many people think they understand this game and don't. I can tell you that the answer would surprise many.

3.) Do you plan to stick around on this world, or are you going to leave? E.G. Is it exciting enough?

This game is so addicting that I don't sleep more then 3 hours at one time. And because of this. The answer is YES I plan to leave. I am very successful in real life and my aim has always been to make Army of Aliens a great alliance and then turn the keys over to the next Alien Leader. My goal from the start was to prove to myself that I could be one of the best in this game and then walk away and start a new project.

4.) What are your aims at the moment on this world? For both you and your alliance.

From the start I wanted to create an alliance that people would have fun playing in. So much fun that they couldn't wait to get to the Army of Aliens forums and talk about what they did or will do today in the game. Most importantly I love how my alliance works as a team. When you build friendship in a game like this. You then have great teamwork. Every day the alliance is improving in ways I never imagine. And it’s all in part to the great players of the alliance.

My personal goal in this game is just like my goals in real life. I play to be the best. When I cook food at home. I make it the best. When I play sports I play to be the best that I can. If I can be the best or in the top 10 here. Then to me it only means that my alliance will follow. I strongly believe in leading by example. To many people talk and not walk the walk ;) ..I love to teach and help. Thought I must admit it is hard at times teaching 300 members. But it’s all worth it in the end.

5.) Is there anything else you would like to say?

Yes I would. TELL ME THIS. In a world full of problems. Is it not amazing how ONE GAME can bring some many different people together. That is why this game and the internet is so special.
This is just a game and when the game ends you take nothing home. But one thing you can take home is THE FRIENDSHIPS MADE. Stats are great but you can't take them home with you. New friends you can keep for life.

Bigger than Pokemon?
There is a new craze on the block. This craze could be bigger than anything we have ever seen before. Yep, even bigger than Pokemon. This craze is the ability to merge with other alliances to form so called super alliances. Even mass recruiting alliances such as COIG have joined in on this craze to make their member counts even higher. Here is a rundown of all the latest mergers that have gone on in the past period of time.

D.I.E. merging into Phenomen – Possibly one of the most unexpected mergers of all with the so called top alliance on this world gaining around 50 members and putting them into the top 15 in alliance rankings. Could it be the right move? Or just the process of turning Phenomen into one of the alliances they have learnt to hate?

The Delian League, Titans and Kingdom of Honour merging into UAR – Several alliances have been reported to have joined UAR through mergers with The Delian League, Titans and Kingdom of Honour being the biggest of the bunch. Has Yondo recruited more than he can chew? Or has he just further asserted his dominance on his home Ocean?

Extraho Imperium merging into Praetorian Guardians – Even I didn’t see this one happening, but it did. I am surprised Ryan, gave up his independence so easily and along with them merging they have caused the member count of PG to go up to well into the 90’s. Is this the right move? Or will they not be able to handle it?

There are many other mergers that have taken place, but I will not take away all the fun and will instead let you find them out for yourselves.

Although one thing I have noticed and been led to wonder, is what exactly is the ideal number of members to have in your alliance? With Phenomen and Praetorian both now having over 90 members, it makes me wonder what exactly the ideal count is. Because after all, with that many members you can only get in each other's way. Although maybe having only 50 could lead to you being smothered by the bigger alliances. Who knows, I shall have to look into it.

World Peace?

That is what it looks like COIG are looking to do at the moment. Ally with everyone and hopefully there will be too many haggles to go round for any conquering to get done. It has been leaked that they have become quite close allies with; Keepers of the Oracle, Paladins, Lions, Northwest Kindered, and Legion. Makes me wonder what they are planning? Maybe to try and conquer the world? Or just a worldwide hug fest? Who knows...We will have more on this as more news floats in.

Quote of the Week: “mmm i like poo..
i mean po!” As stated by none other than Mister RyanWard

That’s all folks, get news in for next week now!


World Beta-s Official News - Issue 4

6th March 2010

Welcome back for the 4th installment of the World Beta News. In this issue we have a wide range of topics which are discussed, so I guess we should get straight into it.

Moving Forward...

A little while ago now, it was declared that the special one was going to be leaving us. That special one was Serenity. He felt he had done all he could for this world and therefore deciding he would leave this world, along with the alliance he set up and led.

This left a gap in the leadership at the alliance Serenity which needed to be filled. After lots of deep discussions and lots of coffee, the conclusion was came to on who the new leader should be. We will not go into detail, but the new leadership consists of these 4 legends...


And with that over and done with, farewell was bidded to the player Serenity and then the alliance got focused on it's new target. Moving forward in the world. Now the alliance is back up and running at full strength and just waiting for the next challenge that comes it's way...

New Leaf For Legion.?

It was confirmed this week, that Legion. was to also go through a leadership change. The power of the alliance has now been passed onto Samson Ben Manoah. Legion. are now hoping for great things of this great warrior and they hope he can lead them to glory.

Alongside this we have gained knowledge that he has cancelled all diplomacy between them and COIG. He must feel that COIG are not the best allies to have in the world, and that allying with the world never really helps anyone. As the analogy goes, if the main source of the foxes food is rabbits and then the fox decides to stop eating rabbits and become friends with them, then what does the fox eat? You can answer that question for yourself.

So anyway, over the next few coming weeks we will truly see if Legion. have turned over a new leaf. Or if they are just the same old MRA, that they are expected to be.

Cookie Crumbling For COIG?

Last week we notified you of them allying with the world, this week we come to you with news about whether they truly have lost all control and are about to crumble like a freshly baked cookie being stamped on. It has occurred that COIG are apparently at war with both Army of Aliens and UAR. The problem with this is that both UAR and Army of Aliens have never heard such a declaration.

This comes alongside the news that Legion. have ended all diplomacy with COIG, leaving COIG with only half the world behind them. And even that doesn't seem like it will last long. The great walls of the COIG temple seem to be caving in with their members inside, it will be interesting to see whether they can truly get themselves out of this mess this time or whether it will be just one brick hitting the head that takes them out for good. Also it was confirmed that Keepers Of The Oracle, have never/are not allied with COIG, making the combined member count for COIG and the rest of the world now down at around a measly 4000.

Suprisingly, no-one has decided to declare on COIG whilst they are in this time of despair. Maybe they don't dare to? Or maybe they just don't think they are a big enough threat to be bothered about? Even they can just wipe out half the COIG members, without the leadership even noticing? Who knows, maybe this is just the beginning of the end for COIG.


In other news, it has occurred that UAR have now taken over first place in both ocean 55 and ocean 65. Maybe, whilst all the drama of COIG and all the other messes of alliance is going on UAR will sneak around the back and takeover the world. That is yet to be seen, but for now we can at least see that UAR is domination two oceans.

An Interview With Yondo

1.) What do you think of the world so far and how do you think it is shaping up?

Well, we certainly think it's interesting. We saw, originally, a philosophical war between the "mass-recruiters" and the "elites", which has ultimately panned out to create a sort of hybrid of the two. As we had discussed with our commanders in the early days, the combination of location, skill, organization, and sheer determination are the primary factors of success in this world. The world has caught on. Alliances now are bigger, even those previously with strict member limits, to include these tenents, and the ones to watch out for are the ones with high numbers AND high averages AND good locations.

2.) Which/what alliance(s) do you like the look of at the moment (excluding your own)?

We look at alliances like Legion. as possible contenders as their regional hegemons, as well as Xmortis, in their respective areas. However, smaller contenders like Phenomen and Praetorian Guardians, with their recent expansion in size, are certainly to be respected. Both larger and smaller ones will face the problem of preventing future internal divisions, as they are generally built on mergers. Larger ones need to contend with organization - once that's achieved and perfected, nothing can stop them except other large alliances. Smaller ones need to rely on careful diplomacy and trust building as well as profound and sustained growth to compete against the hegemonic powers of their neighbors.

3.) Do you plan to stick around on this world, or are you going to leave? E.G. Is it exciting enough?

We're having a good time, and invested a ton of time into this. We don't intend to leave until we have nothing left to fight for. The trick is getting your alliance to think the same thing - division of attention between cities on different worlds can be a killer.

4.) What are your aims at the moment on this world? For both you and your alliance.

Completely and utterly ridding the world of the COIG menace, for the good of the world. We invite all else to join us.

5.) Is there anything else you would like to say?

"When the thunderclap comes, there is no time to cover the ears."

Quote Of The Week: "He is the spammeister general. In spam terms he is sir spamalot, of the knights of the spam table." As said by none other than Legionreturns.

Thats all folks! :)


World Beta-s Official News - Issue 5

13th March 2010

Well it is that time again, time for the official World Beta news. Lots of things have gone on this week in world Beta, some I am not even legally allowed to mention here. We have had declarations of war, mass bolting and lots, lots more. So lets get straight down to it...

AoA Vs. Serenity

This is one of the issues I am not able to go into full details about, and therefore will only give you a brief overview of what happened and what is going on. Also, even though my alliance is massively involved in this then I will try my best not to show any bias on the matter.

Basically it all came to the surface after specific Serenity members, attempted to "poach" some AoA members. This may or may not be true, I shall not state. Anyway, Aliens (The leader of AoA) found out about such things and did not take kindly to the matter. Even though to my knowledge, no-one moved alliance, he still found it important to stamp his authority on the matter.

This then led into lots of threatening of alliances, even such things as attempting to make Serenity pay AoA resources to stop the imminent war happening. Anyway, after Serenity stating they would not be bullied into anything and would in no way pay people not to attack them, Aliens declared war.

Next it was mass bolting time, as AoA decided they would attempt to scare Serenity off/hurt them. Although the true point of the bolting has never really been explained, as too little damage is done for the pain it causes the user and the amount of favour it wastes. And anyway, that about leads us up to where we are now.

Other alliances that have been thrown into the mix and possibly involved in this conflict are UAR, COIG and even Legion. Although nothing has been confirmed and no-one has really declared on either side.

Well anyway, this war looks certain to carry on in some form - even though Serenity have not really done any fighting up to yet, they are just biding their time waiting for the moment to strike. Also, no real troop fighting has gone on apart from the odd Serenity attack on AoA villages etc. So maybe it will not really be a real war until that kicks off...

Interview with TerraBaseONE2

1.) What do you think of the world so far and how do you think it is shaping up?

I think Beta World has just entered the empirical expansion phase. Obviously this phase is in it's infancy. This might be somewhat surprising to an outsider just looking at this game. I say that because as I first looked the world over as an undecided but a potential player. I though that as far as war games go this world was likely to be less 'bloody' for first several months of play due to the easier option of colonization, as opposed to the more glorious route of conquest. I did not at that time consider the obvious lack of NPC villas on colony islands being 'The Factor' that would make that less appealing. So I personally can foresee a long drawn out phase of empirical territorial wars, until eventually, the strongest alliances will dominate by the ocean. So for sometime to come struggles for minor territorial gains will become the order of the day.

I find I have really enjoyed the bit of uncertainty of how to have a fine tuned stratagy in this game as well. Although the Grepolis Guides are out there, they are in their infancy as compared to the detailed Tribal War Guides readily available. That carries over into the tools for play too. Especially the Map Tools. I look forward to having some good third party mapping tools in the future. I had to resort to hand drawing a good over-all map of where my players sit in relation to each other, for a good picture of the whole alliance at a glance.

I think another Big factor that will continue to make it's mark in the shaping of this world, is the abundance of (what I like to call) mature talent. As I inherited Flame Demolition and started to get know my guys, I was most impressed with older age group I have. I'd say roughly 15% of my alliance is less than 25 years of age, and easily 50% of the guys are 35+ years of age. I have to think that that the cross section I see accurately depicts the greater whole, so I bet this true Beta World wide. Maybe that is as surprising to your readers as it was to me.

2.) Which/what alliance(s) do you like the look of at the moment (excluding your own)?

There are several. And all of them for differing reasons. The two that stands out the most to my eye to watch is Champions of Olympus, and Milesian. For their small organizations and their high work ethics. You don't see much dead weight there!

3.) Do you plan to stick around on this world, or are you going to leave? E.G. Is it exciting enough?

It is exciting enough to stay with out debate. That being said, if I were to be first looking over the game now as a potential new player, I would might would go Gamma as it is a bit faster paced, but that might have been a bad choice. strictly due to the schedule of an older player. So I might not could compete there due to my personal time constraints. And indeed if TerraBaseONE2 winds up leaving Beta World, it will be my schedule that forces the choice. But hey, in such choices is the beauty of life!

4.) What are your aims at the moment on this world? For both you and your alliance.

Two things. One is recruiting quality players strategically located to fill in some stretched too thin areas. Converting from the original founders mass recruiting strategy to in my view a more long term workable one is a challenge! LOL
The second and most important one is to continue to fine tuning the War Machine. I have plans of coordinated war games. First with-in my own beloved Flame Demolition alliance, then jointly with willing allied alliances as well!

5.) Is there anything else you would like to say?

I have made several good friends all over the globe in war games such as Tribal Wars and Grepolis. Many of those friendships endure even though I no longer play Tribal Wars. That is after all what is good and lasting about this type of a gaming endeavor. So weather we meet on the battlefield over crossed swords or by each other's side I look forward to meeting you! Some of you I will get to know others I won't either way I intend to have fun.

For those of you like myself, who are founders of an alliance that might would like to get to know other founders of Beta World alliances should consider applying for membership at The Foundry. It is a social group for Beta World founders here in the external forums. It allows us to get to know one another a bit better. There of course is a bit of PnP present. But that is true everywhere. As I founded the group I had hopes it might prove useful for some (un)official diplomacy from founder to founder. And definitely the place for a few laughs along the way. Peer camaraderie is the bottom line.

Alliance Overview: Champions of Olympus

Name: Champions of Olympus
Member Count: 55
Total Points: 206868
Average Points: 3761
Total BP: 15921

Currently from looking at them they seem to be doing fairly well up to now. Fairly decent average point count with a fairly small member count makes them seem quite good. As far as I know they do not have any world forums posters, which helps them to stay under the radar and go about their business as they do. Also they seem to be structured very well and haven't noticeably been involved in any conflict. Overall they look like they are an alliance to watch for the future...

When the Saints go marching in?

Another alliance which has become noticeably more powerful over the last week is Saints of Tartarus. With about the same member count as those of Phenomen and Praetorian Guardians and a higher average than that of Praetorian Guardians, they have forced the world to get up and notice them.

Currently 2nd best in O45 with COIG standing in front of them, they seem to have become one of the big, strong alliances in this world. With their strong leadership through Hippo and poolcleaner and their structure maybe they will make it to the front page of alliances very soon. And maybe, the Saints will go marching in again.

Quote Of The Week: "*reads above message and tried to pull palm out of face.... out of palm, out of* ... "dear God this is a mess!" As stated by Zabbi.


World Beta-s Official News - Issue 6

20th March 2010

Welcome back everyone to the next issue of the World Beta news! As you may have noticed from the last issue, at the moment this world seems to becoming dead and therefore leaving a lack of stories for me to cover. I will try my best with what I have for this week, but urgently need people to start feeding me stories (regardless of the importance) or this column is going to become more repetitive than it already is. Anyway, on with this weeks news.

War Over?

Last week, we notified you of a growing conflict between two alliances - AoA and Serenity. This week we are notifying you of the end of this conflict. Declared the first major war by some people, this issue was expected to actually liven up the world once again. But all too soon this conflict has been ended and a NAP has been agreed between the two alliances.

Disappointingly to some, this war is over - if it actually ever was one. As far we know, nothing actually happened here to class it as a war. Just bolting and messaging. There were no major attacks, and there most definitely weren't any conquers. Maybe it was just all hype and speculation? Who knows?

Anyway, to confirm the conflict between these two alliances has ended and a NAP has been agreed, leading to no further battles between these two alliances.

An Interview with Krougu

Last week we gave you an insight into the alliance of Champions of Olympus, this week we give you an interview with one of their founders. Enjoy!

1.) What do you think of the world so far and how do you think it is shaping up?

Well I'd say its been a slow start, most people were dragging their feet, and hopefully thats coming to an end. I'm looking forward to more action over the next month as more and more sim city players and people who thing that the word alliance is just a pretty name next to theirs leave the game.

2.) Which/what alliance(s) do you like the look of at the moment (excluding your own)?

Well I'd say one alliance for sure I watch is Milesian and they are local to me in O54 I like the tight area of control they have the small membership numbers (24) and there city avg. (5942) They are what I like to see in this game.
The larger Alliance I'm always watching is Army of Aliens, I've spoken with their co-leader Lost Dragons and he is as good a man as any. I really look forward to the show him and Aliens put on for us in the coming days. Of course no ill will to you or Serenity.

3.) Do you plan to stick around on this world, or are you going to leave? E.G. Is it exciting enough?

This question always makes me smile. I'm not going anywhere.

4.) What are your aims at the moment on this world? For both you and your alliance.

This question is always hard to answer because you never know what you might give away with out meaning to. I guess you just have to wait and see.

That said, My people and I are here to have fun. If its not fun go do something else.

5.) Is there anything else you would like to say?

Just a special thanks to My co-Founder and leader Valerion for always getting my back and to my team You guys and gals are the best friends anyone could ask for. As Aliens said in your first interview, Its really a great game that brings so many people from around the world together in such a way that I have already made friends I know aren't going anywhere.

COIG news again!?!

It seems like every week we bring you more news of the alliance COIG. This week is no different and we have more to announce about them. This week it looks like they are planning to attempt to take out AoA...


I am Bigblackbunny, co-leader of COIG. You have heard right that I am gathering many alliances in order to try to wipe out this threat. The reasons for this are many. As you may have noticed, they rose up very quickly in a very short time, taking the #2 place in this world. They are becoming a significant threat, as they plan to become the #1 alliance. Now, you may be thinking that I am just afraid of them taking the place of my alliance, but this is not the case. I used to be one of them, so I got time to get to know their leaders before coming to COIG. They destroy anyone in their way to try to gain power, and knock down anyone that is a threat to them. This is not only bad for us, it is bad for all of us. When/if they claim the #1 rank, they will destroy anyone and everyone that tries to take their place. This will make it impossible for anyone else to get up there. Their leaders are strong, and have bulging egos. In the end, if we take them down before they take over, we will all have it much easier. Many alliances around the world are finding them more and more of a pest every day, and would be very happy to have them gone.

I am not fully sure what fores they have, but I do have a few nuggets of intel. They just signed a cease fire with Phenomen, as well as with several other alliances in the top 20. Now is the time to strike. When they are week and recovering from war.

Alliances are like real governments. They have citizens, warriors, leaders, laws, etc. In order to take a government down, you need to get the citizens and warriors to no longer look at their leaders as powerful and worthy of their leadership. The plan is to first target their most active and powerful leaders, while attacking players as well. Attacking the players (even with fakes). Attacking the players would send in attack reports like crazy to have less people supporting the leaders, and we focus fire on specific leaders. Some of their leaders may get annoyed and leave the game, while others will be hurt so much that they will lose respect. With this, UAR will begin to break down.

If you have any more questions, please contact me,
Also, it was also confirmed they have tons of spies and are even creating them. This quote is part of a story involving one player and his own personal tactics...

One of his tactics was accepting an invite from COIG, who then kicked him out under pressure from the Republic. Then they immediately reinvited him, and a day later ejected him. COIG feared he was a spy, and in their actions they made him one. The Republic then pressed the assault. Alone, the night before last, he was able to withstand mass bolting and repulse a dozen simultaneous attacks, literally in his sleep.
Furthermore, it is also believed a group of alliances is being built up to launch timed attacks on COIG and conquer them. But we won't go into too much detail on that or it might ruin the plan.

Anyway, just to conclude, it looks like COIG are in the biggest mess they have ever been in.

Quote of the week: "With tictacs in one hand and tactics in the other, surely nothing could stand in their way?" As stated by Solitary.​


World Beta-s News Thread - Issue 8

World Beta-s News Thread - Issue 8

03 April 2010

Well I am back, but this week in my own new thread! I got fairly annoyed by Furry being inactive and therefore not being able to move the paper to it's right thread, so I thought I would do something about it. Anyway, I am still currently appalled by the distinct lack of news that I am receiving. I don't know whether there is actually nothing going on in the world of Beta, or people are just not sending me it, but I definitely need some stuff to work with. Whatever it may be, be it a massive war or a tiny conflict, just send me a message and it will make the paper a whole lot more enjoyable to read. Also, we are lacking people who want to be interviewed, so if anyone wants to be then send me a message in game. Anyway, now thats over, on with this weeks news...

Molon Labe Moving Mountains...

A week after we told you that two super alliances had merged to form one ever superer alliance, we come back to you with more news telling you they are becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Over the week they have built strong, conquering villages and wiping out troops and slowly but surely made there way into the first page of alliance rankings and gained the third highest average behind only Phenomen and Mor Do Kuli.

Maybe they will soon become even stronger and hopefully soon fulfill the lifelong dream of any alliance, to gain both the highest average and become rank number 1.

Competition Of The Mergers!

Just as we wonder how well the new elite alliance Molon Labe can do, we bring you news of a second merge which has taken place. Over in ocean 45, it has came to the surface that Boreas Final Blow has split and merged into the alliance Saints of Tartarus.

Now ranked number 1 in 045 and 10th in the world, this alliance looks set to steal some of the spotlight off of the awesome Molon Labe. Led by a Hippo and his friend the poolcleaner, maybe the odd combination can lead the 135 member alliance to glory.

^^Can this guy truly lead an alliance to victory?

Army of Aliens Still Holding Their Own

A fair few months in now and to some people's surprise, Army of Aliens are still standing. Still standing at number 1 after their biggest rival COIG was disbanded they don't seem to have any competition.

With the number 1 player leading them and the alliance now "CLOSED TO INVITES" they look they may continue to dominate. Their 556 member count looks to be standing strong. And as long as they are allied with Phenomen, Molon Labe, Saint of Tartarus and United Aegean Empire (who I have only just noticed to have changed their name from being republic) they look like they will remain unchallenged, until maybe one day a rival will emerge.

Quote Of The Week: "Thanks for saying exactly what I had said, but making me look like an idiot while doing so!" By Zabbi.​


World Beta-s Official News Thread - Issue 7

27 March 2010

Well hello there everyone! We are back for the 7th issue of the World Beta News. This week, shockingly, I have learned of a fair bit of news that has been going round. This has come both from people messaging me and also from events that have happened in the world. So a big thank you to everyone who sent me stuff. Anyway, on with the news.

COIG Cookie Finally Crumbles

After weeks of speculation and constant flaming from many "big name" players, the COIG leadership could not handle it anymore and decided they would leave the game - dissolving the alliance as they go.

This is the message sent by TicTac to notify his members:

So clearly from that message we can see that the leadership has got bored and has better things to focus on, but then again, don't we all. At least that is an end to all the speculation and constant flaming that went their way. But now I have lost my main news source and most alliances have lost the place where all the "weaker" players gathered and could be easily attacked.

One player even believes he was the one to disband COIG. kyletivis sent me this...

However, maybe this is not the end of the COIG membership as we know it, as a copycat alliance has been set up in COIG Redux. But before you get your hopes up and believe you will all have a new alliance to flame, they have changed their name to just Redux - removing all signs that they were ever in COIG.

So in my final words to COIG, I say thank you for making this world so much more entertaining for us and being there for all of us to conquer.

Interview with Mike 62

1.) What do you think of the world so far and how do you think it is shaping up?

The world is shaping up nicely all the speed freaks are now leaving and jumping to Epsilon leaving the players who prefer the sedate pace in this world. The speed of the world is allowing for some decent players to come to the fore and it is bringing some decent leaders out.

2.) Which/what alliance(s) do you like the look of at the moment (excluding your own)?

Im not going to be to surprising here as my choice for one of the better organised alliances is Army of Aliens, not for the reason that they are conquering everywhere but because they do it quietly. You dont see them shouting all over the forums about how good they are. They already know they have one of the best leaders so they follow suit and keep themselves bottled up.

3.) Do you plan to stick around on this world, or are you going to leave? E.G. Is it exciting enough?

Im not going anywhere im quite happy in this world and im also happy with the speed. Anyone who doesnt think it is exciting enough is not playing the game properly or their polis isnt big enough to be noticed yet.

4.) What are your aims at the moment on this world? For both you and your alliance.

My alliance is treading water at the moment and we intend to do so for a while, we are not interested in top 5 status we are more interested in building defences before jumping the rankings, we have taken aboard several alliances recently and they brought their problems with them. Once we have finished strengthening our weaker links we will then start to move. For myself, all i want is to be as helpful as possible when it is needed, i have never turned down a request for help whether it be an outsider or someone in my alliance. We all had to learn somewhere.

5.) Is there anything else you would like to say?

The only thing i want to say is good luck to one and all and happy hunting. And give the so called MRA,s a break everyone is sick to death of the moaning, even people who have never played the game seem to have an opinion on them.

Serenity Harmada?

In possibly the biggest news of the week (in fact almost forgotten by me), two super alliances have merged to form one ultimate king of the alliance world. Serenity and Clan Harmada have merged to form Molon Labe.

From wikipedia:
"The Greek phrase Molōn labe! ... meaning "Come and take them!" is a classical expression of defiance reported by King Leonidas in response to the Persian army's demand that the Spartans surrender their weapons at the Battle of Thermopylae. It corresponds roughly to the modern equivalent English phrase "over my dead body," "bring it on" or, most closely, "come and get it."

In fact, this merge could have been so big it could have been dangerous. For all we knew at the time, it could have cause another Big Bang and the universe could have started over again. Anyway, these two super giants have merged and we are now left with one even better alliance in Molon Labe.

For now it is unknown as to how well they will actually do, but from the looks of things they are dominating both oceans 53 and 63 and look to be growing powerfully and efficiently hoping to break back into the top 12 alliances again.

Only time will tell how they do.

Cult Of Ares Expansion Plans

Recently I have became notified that the alliance Cult of Ares are looking to spread their wings so to speak over into O35. Apparantly they aim to enter O35 from both O36 and O34 where they currently hold presence and then expand there.

They have even been asking alliances such as Phoenix of Carthage for merges desperately looking to assert their authority. But whether they will be able to or not is a whole different story. I'm sure we will find out soon.

Quote of the week: "i destroyed coag lol i told you i would" As stated by kyleitivis.
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World Beta-s News Thread - Issue 9

World Beta-s News Thread - Issue 9

10th April 2010

Wow. That is all I can say this week about the amount of news that has come flying my way over the past week. In my mailbox this week I received enough news to start my own TV news show. So thank you to everybody who contributed to the astonishing amount of news I have been sent this week and keep it up! So since we have a lot to cover, straight on with the news.

Xmortis Vs. The World?

I must start with this as this is by far the topic I have gained the most news on. From what I have gathered from several different sources it seems as if the whole world have declared war on the alliance Xmortis. How will this little alliance be able to cope? Will they survive? Who knows.

Alliances such as Army of Aliens, United Aegean Empire and Myrmidons have been rumored to have declared war on Xmortis, with even "Xmortis Killing Pacts" being created between them.

So before I let you see the constant flaming and demolition coming from "The world's" side of the story, I shall show you how members from Xmortis view this conflict.

So to begin with, we were at war with United Aegean Empire, which most everybody knows because of their post on the forums declaring war against like 5 alliances. Everyone pretty much knows they are in AoA's pocket, and we figured they might be a type of diversion. I dont think there has been any big declaration of war like when United Aegean Empire posted something on the forums. But, if you look at AoA's alliance, you see we are the only listed enemy. Like i said, we feel veeery special for the mighty Army of Aliens to openly declare us enemys.
And that is basically all I have from Xmortis, if any other Xmortis members want to share anything then I am willing to post their side of the story. But now it is time to hear what their opposition had to say...

Specifically one member from AoA, who's overview of the conflict seemed to sum it up well. Here is what Liragon thought...

- UAE writes a formal declaration of war against several parties, one of which being Xmortis. The primary reason stated for war against Xmortis is the acquisition of their holdings in O64.

- Xmortis council member and primary diplomat, Drew Waylander, is colonized by an uninvolved party, Knutti, from Praetorian Guardians. He decides to continue with a new city and is now being boosted by several Xmortis members sending him resources so he can build up another 8k city, not colonize a second city, and be colonized, again. There is no retaliation to this colonization from Xmortis.

- The alliance formerly known as Blood Council undergoes an internal power struggle. Clockateer was given full leadership of the alliance when former leaders Vailene and Darkmaeve decide to quit the game due to constant attacks by AoA. Clockateer begins diplomatic talks with AoA to cease hostilities, but the former leaders dislike this and attempt to undermine talks through renaming their cities to taunt AoA. Clockateer is forced to remove them in order to lead his alliance forward. Vailene / Darkmaeve become enraged by this and revert their decision to quit the game and instead decide they want revenge on Clockateer. Though refugees, Xmortis takes them in and immediately gives them invitation privileges, thus throwing these two refugees the complete support of Xmortis. By this time Blood Council is renamed Alliance of Defiance, and Vailene sends nearly every member of Alliance of Defiance an invitation to Xmortis. A couple days after swearing revenge and trying to convert all of Alliance of Defiance to Xmortis, and failing, they enter vacation mode. Their accounts are banned shortly after for multi-account rule violations.

- Xmortis scrambles to gain as much support as they can through other Alliances. All they manage to acquire is a NAP with Time Warp, a NAP with Myrmidons, and the Blood Council refugees. The NAP with Myrmidons is canceled in less then a day when the Myrmidons receive information of Xmortis' aggression and colonization of their members, and evolves into a full blown war between both parties. The Blood Council refugees earn Xmortis the animosity of the Alliance of Defiance when Darkmaeve and Vailene send invitations to all of Alliance of Defiance's members. To paraphrase a conversation between Liragon of AoA and Fragamemnon of Xmortis.
Liragon on 3/31/10 at 11:22 AM
*hammers another nail in* your coffin is coming along
Fragamemnon on 3/31/10 at 11:29 AM
Aren't you Canadians supposed to be polite? My national stereotypes are all confused.
Liragon on 3/31/10 at 11:22 AM
*hammers another nail in* your coffin is coming along

- AoA member fastjack successfully colonizes Xmortis' O64 primary recruiter, griffinn. Xmortis takes heavy light ship loses (and biremes, they seem to be a popular offensive unit for Xmortis) in the attempt to break the siege, opting to attack in numerous small waves, they are unable to put a dent in AoA's defensive navy. Like Drew Waylander, griffinn opts to start a new city and is also receiving handouts.

- Unofficial Xmortis leader Fragamemnon decides that the war is taking too much of his time, and no longer wishes to be O64 leader.

Ocean 64 members,

I apologize for the lack of war coordination recently. My internet connection was not working for the better part of the last three days.

That aside, I am planning on resigning as the O64 officer as soon as I can find a replacement. I was reluctant to become Xmortis' officer for Ocean 64, but did so because nobody else stepped up to the task after Liragon left Xmortis. Managing our current war is proving to be more than I can handle at the moment, especially because it's coinciding with an upheaval in my personal life.

Moving forward, we have two options.

1. Elect a new O64 officer. I don't have anyone in particular in mind for the job, so this would require people to come forward with nominations. Last I checked, neither Rikyu nor fungicide were interested in the position.

2. The other option I've been considering, is to merge our O64 members into Kingdom of Warriors. I have approached their leader, woshiempire, with the idea, and he will be asking his members about this as well. Kingdom of Warriors is the biggest alliance in our ocean, a close ally of ours, and seems to have very closely aligned interests with us in general. I wouldn't see such a merger as a change of loyalties (especially since the council supports the idea), but merely a reorganization of the command structure.

I will post a poll in the O64 tab in the forums shortly. Please vote on the issue. If you do vote for a electing a new officer, please post a nomination in the poll thread, assuming someone has not already nominated your preferred candidate. If that is the preferred option (or KoW rejects the merger), I will put up a separate poll to elect the new officer.

Also, according to the Myrmidons leader both AoA and UAE have signed a NAP agreement with them as they have had conflict with Xmortis for over two months. Therefore from this Myrmidons will support UAE's campaign against Xmortis with the help of AoA. However also on this story, we are made to wonder whether or not this NAP will actually last.

And finally, just to confirm this war we have news from an impartial source on the matter.

I dont know if you already knew or not but when i tried to find proof i couldnt, I heard that AoA and Xmortis are at war, and from a less reliable source that Xmortis is also at war with United Agean Empire, the war with AoA i got from someone I trust.
So basically it is confirmed, and it is on. At least for now anyway. But a few questions have been left unanswered, such as whether this will truly be the first proper war, or whether it will just turn into another bolting fest like all those that have gone before. Who knows, I guess we will just have to wait and see.

From Behind The Shadows?

Once again, it seems like Army of Aliens have decided they would fight a war on two fronts. Alongside the Xmortis war, it was confirmed that they were/are involved in a war against Champions of Olympus.

It seems as if whilst AoA are fighting against Xmortis, it could lead to the chance for another alliance to come up behind them and take them out. Also we have learned that maybe they are spreading their offense too thin.

Here is one quote from a Champions of Olympus member...

Champions of Olympus and aoa were going at it strong in o44, the tally was 4-1 (citys lost) in favor of coo, manix6 beats 5-8 conquest against him today and has rissen to the best defensive player in the game.
Even though the damage looks minimal when you compare it to AoA's member base, it still shows that strong co-ordinated attacks can damage even the masses of members in those higher ranked alliances. A quote for why this conflict started...

Reasons for war with aoa - While talking about peace and what both sides would expect from an alliy aliens stopped talking and its members started attacking, even though there was a mass mail on AoA side saying we had a nap durring the talks. It turns out aoa is nothing more then lieing cheating dirty trickers who don't now how to fight. As soon as the conquest started the bolts stopped and they learned if you want to hang with us you better send some conquest ships.
Will this continue? Well I doubt it from the Champions of Olympus, but maybe some other small, strong alliances will take this as a wake up call that they truly can do some damage.
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Legion. Expanding Their Wings.

One alliance who have shockingly gone under the radar for a little while now is Legion. Under the new leadership of devondogs, maybe things start to be looking up for them. Today we bring you news of a merge, where Champions of Olympus have merged into them.

After their slight conflict with AoA, in which about only 5 villages were conquered. Champions of Olympus decided they would merge into Legion. Here is their reason why...

I spotlight this because we also chose to merge with legion. and let it not be said it was becuase we were scared because we weren't just wanted to make legion. number one in both 44, 54 and across the board now 3rd in the world. we at coo now lend our str to legion.
So now with Legion.'s average rising to over 7000, they look to be turning over a new leaf and possibly looking to get ready for a charge.
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An Interview With Siindbad

1.) What do you think of the world so far and how do you think it is shaping up?

Well this question, surely could rattle a man's thoughts for this month within world beta, Nobody expected COIG to just simply vanish off the map so quickly. At least be disbanded with a large player base and no option to having the next of kin claim leadership. Of course, During that process alot of words have been said about the situation but in the end, a new perspective was established for some of the top alliances. One of those points of interest is reflecting upon Xmortis.

The Disband of COIG I feel is no victory To the people who have been fighting them for a long while now, I only suggest that its no victory for that COIG held their own ground and probably would have continued to do so for several months ahead. Now when it comes down to United Aegean Empire Declaring War upon a few alliances, including Xmortis, I would say this will be the talk of the month now. Army of Aliens will likely be supporting war efforts with United, against Xmortis.

Xmortis is one to be known for several months now to use Bully Tactics in political situations, and talks. Frankly..How they survived so long with it in world beta, is very shocking. There actually is alot of people against Xmortis, and of course Myrmidons recently signed a NAP with Aliens and United, among a few others to Also support efforts against Xmortis.

Though Xmortis can't be underestimated. As most people would agree, or disagree. Xmortis still has some good strategy within their alliance. so I feel even with the numbers, and of course the Top #1 Team pushing against Xmortis, that of course they will hold their own as long as possible, but may seem some will probably help Xmortis in time to cause an all out battle.

In Final to the question, I feel after this battle / war is over. I think there will be some...Good Friends Made Out of all of this, but I also feel there may be some New enemies alike. I suggest everyone keeps their eyes and ears wide open, and on focus this month. Its gonna get Ugly, but Entertaining.

2.) Which/what alliance(s) do you like the look of at the moment (excluding your own)?

Without a Doubt, My First Two Choices In Debate of this question is of course Saints of Tartarus And Molon Labe

With Under 200 Member base, The two are rising fast, and to likely become a top competitor within a short time frame. Of course with Saints having an alliance pact with AoA, These two will be ones that could help change the tide of battles in the next month or two.

We all know we like to keep looks with everyone in the top 10 brackets, and We all like to even talk about AoA. They will always be the talk of the town no matter what rank they ever hold, Even though People tend to send vulgar hits towards the AoA Team, Alien still is friendly at times, and in some cases, Diplomatic. I've heard some statements within the past few weeks about how of course Aliens takes in nobody, and more or less doesn't accept outsiders, well...that statement is wrong. As you can bluntly see they have agreements, alliances, and still signing NAPs, Of course the only difference is, with such a team as they are, you have to prove and earn to be considered a friend and I feel people need to respect that decision.

Now with COIG Ending the Alliances has shifted its positions, so a good claim today for looking, would be United Aegean Empire. Very Well Disciplined Team, Very Organized. And With One of the well known great leaders in Beta. As we all know of course, But when it comes to insight, United will be on the top looks to anyone's eyes in the months to come. They will hold their position for a long while, They will continue to strive, and continue to fight for what they believe in.

3.) Do you plan to stick around on this world, or are you going to leave? E.G. Is it exciting enough?

No Plan On To Leaving, For Us anyway, let alone myself. Sometimes I can still stay, that this is still the beginning for me. Everyday its something new, if it isn't already something repetitive already. This game is Challenging and Has Hard Situations once you become a Somebody, and begin to use Politics/Diplomats. I would say exciting? Of course it is. But there is something this question really pushes, and my feelings would say...within the month, or few. I tend to likely see many players likely to leave beta, not by force. One tends to get mad with their alliance, within their alliance and its only a fact. With wars, bullies, and small conflicts and take-overs....Alot will be leaving this game with a frown, rather then a smile. But I also see some will leave with personal threats to teams. But, the game will evolve, more will come. more will replace the dead.

4.) What are your aims at the moment on this world? For both you and your alliance.

Our Aim is making an Alliance Pact with AoA & United. A Strong Focus is upon that. We share some of the same traits, and beliefs. Only difference is our Government type is Democracy. Compared to Dictatorship. Different types still doesn't mean you can't have a mutual agreement.

As a Goal for the alliance within the world is of course the war efforts on Xmortis. For a few months going, Xmortis has been sending messages to threaten oceanic locations, a few small battles, and demanding to remove certain players in certain spots, though not only demanding to remove players, but giving a line of non-sense such as saying that the selected players are deemed inactive, in which of course they aren't. hehe

We been at it slowly, though not on a big scale of battle, talking, etc with Xmortis but since united delcared war, gives the myrmidons a open opportunity to find out how well its military staff can push a campaign.

When It Comes to the Myrmidon Alliance, I will say that if one joins us, he/she will see that we are Very Political, VERY Organized. And that we tend to Talk alot. Reason being is our government type, Democracy. We hold the same fashion as of a real-world structure, though in easy, cut-down terms. We Do Hold a Senate, We Do Hold Governors, We do Hold Diplomats, And of course We do Hold Military Staff(s). With A Military Rank and Award Structure.

Our Strive isn't to be the best, It isn't to be #1 or Power Hungry. We simply set ourselves up to maintain an order, of a Large member base, some could say its difficult or impossible to hold 600...800...1000 Members and keep a balance of some kind. With a Organized Democracy System, It actually can be managed far better then one could really think, the only issue is...Political Corruption of Team Leaders. But such actions are supported within the Alliance, It wouldn't feel real if everyone was to honest.

But Also, In Light to A Public Interview, that Since Myrmidons ARE a Democracy, we still hold the same features As a Democracy. Such as Holding Debates, Votes, of Political Leaders, and Members without authority positions have rights within and can help political lingo sway as they could in some real-world countries.

On top of that, this even means Leadership of the Myrmidons, Some alliance Won't CHANGE Leadership, Some Simply won't even talk about it until one decides to leave the game. As for Myrmidons, Senators and Governors ARE Allowed, Every 2 Months to hold a "Campaign" for Election as New Leader of The Alliance, As the United States for example, hold elections for a new President. and of course, the people within vote.

Guess you could say, we are a game within a game. if it were a strive, I would say we will plan to grow, we will plan to ensure justice where justice should be served. We are Friendly, We are Graceful, But we will take serious matters at a serious level, and quickly.​


5.) Is there anything else you would like to say?

OF Course there is (laughs). When I said the Myrmidons talk, we talk. (laughs). I would like to give special thanks to Dobby, and the Beta News Team for putting out Brilliance For the Beta Players and Community. Our players Love to read the articles pushed out. every week we can't wait for that paper. Again, Special Thanks for You Guys.

I'd like to put in my special remarks for my two main men. Puma The Great My Diplomatic Leader of Myrmidons (which most alliances out there may have talked to) and TheSpartanKing who is my right hand man, considered to be Our Senate Leader, For making this team the way it is today. We also have some inspiring members rising the staff ranks, and positions who will be great, and who have been trained by my top staff.

World Beta, We thank you for listening, we thank you for giving us a good time. Helping us All Enjoy the game at every certain level available. Sorry for that I and (we) tend not to goto the Games Official Forums and Talk, Some could say we are silent in the community forums, but we simply have alot going on in Our forums and IRC Chats.

We also invite EVERYONE to our IRC Chat who wishes to come and talk, come to make agreements etc. Our IRC Links are first displayed at the top of our Profile. Very simple way to Connect if you are new to IRC.

In Conclusion, I guess we like to smile at Lions and Legion Of Destruction for sending spys into our alliance and being caught, Glad you see an interest in us. and we'll shake your hand if you would just come talk to us in the first place (laughs)

To all spys out there, Remember, Looking into ones literature surely isn't enough to get by with. Sending Feedback to your leaders of some form of Sensitive information, tends to lead nowhere. But in Consideration, Its not what your gonna know before hand, its how well your going to defend or control the situation.

Good Luck to Everyone. Good Luck to the War Members, And Targets Within The War. But Please take Note, No matter What happens, In the End its still a game, and I only hope we all can agree to at we punch out the time card, we come to respect each other In & Out Of Battles.

New Beginnings Over In Ocean 57

I will quote this straight from the founder, as to now show any bias.

i just formed a new alliance in ocean 57 called The Holy Greek Army we only have 6 members at the moment but we are open to invites
Anyway, it looks like ocean 57 could be seeing some spotlight now so good luck to them.

Blood Filling The Air!

Another alliance which has so far gone under the radar is Blood Brothers. And it seems they have gone through their fair share of ups and downs which we have not known about.

Here is what one of their council members had to say...

But just to give you an overview of Blood brothers we had a small war against a member of Army of Aliens, he was hitting us quite hard until we hit him with a massive and unexpected force that even Alienspersonally messaged us and told us how organised and impressive our attack was. More recently we were disbanded as our leader went koo-koo and leapt to the safety of Army of Aliens. Well we didn't like this very much and quickly reorganised, we then got our previous leader kicked out of Army of Aliens and one of our members conquered him soon after. We then went about thoroughly reorganising and we now consider ourselves a very well run ship. Not too many days ago we had reports from some of our members were attacked by members of Roman Republic. We didn't know why and we attempted to resolve the issue with their leaders but they didn't bother settling it for whatever reason. They have now conquered some of our cities and we are now organised and ready to beat them back. Even though we are not a big alliance they underestimate us, and already we are beating down one of their leaders.
So basically it seems they have been involved in their fair share of conflict, and it also looks like they have defeated most of it. Currently it seems to me that they are still at war with Roman Republic, so who knows what will occur. Hopefully we will have more news on them in the future.

Quote Of The Week: "I think there's probably a high correlation between success at online strategy games and sexual failings." As explained by Fragamemnon.

Thats All Folks. :D
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