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Interesting idea, but this would take a lot to implement, maybe this could be a novelty world just for fun in future.


Yes I know it would be a big change, perhaps even something to make Grepolis 3.0. If the programmers implimented it Im sure they could create worlds with Continents and those without. It could even be another setting on World Settings "Continents: YES".


I know this is an old thread, but its not closed off, so I'll give my comments.

I agree with what the mods have said, I dont believe that from a software engineering perspective that this could be done without a GIGANTIC change to the game that would mean Grepolis 3.0 with users having to pay say 10x what they currently do for gold.

However, I do think there is a comprimise here. Currently there is two types of islands, being "island" (7 x 3) and "tiny island" (3x3) with island having 20 cities & 8 farms, whereas tiny island having 10 cities and no farms. I would recommend a third type of island being "continent". Each ocean would have four continents in that ocean. Each continent would be (eg) 20x10. Each continent would have 60 sea-cities, 21 land-cities and 24 farms in three provences (ie: 20 sea, 7 land & 8 farms per provence).

Each provence would be bordered off by mountains, so that each land city can only be attacked by the 20 sea & 7 land in their provence. Each city can only access the 8 farms in their provence. Building a wonder should only be allowed on a continent (no islands or tiny islands) and only with all 21 land-cities being under the control of the alliance.

This Continents thing seems like an independent idea, you should really make a thread for it.

Relating to this, I like the idea. There would be coding involved but it would attract new players, potentially premium ones. Inno could overall make money off of this.

This would bring an all-new aspect to the game and it would be tons of fun. Yes and +1 rep.


I myself very much like the idea of having landmasses on the map. BUT, it is hardly important that the map or maps specifically reflect the ancient world. I tend to think that there should be up to 5 different maps that are randomly selected for new worlds but, not corresponding to the actual world. A little imagination and creativity would go a long way to improving the game and allowing the players of a specific world to explore their world. All major landmasses should lie around the outer edges of each map (perhaps, a few peninsulas that jut into the center a bit). Larger rivers should also be taken into account for sea-travel inland. And it wouldnt hurt to add 5 or 6 large islands in the center (i.e. Crete, Cypress, etc). Lastly, cities that lie on the larger islands should produce resources 10% faster and cities on the mainland should produce resources 25% faster than the normal cities on the small islands (But, all players should always BEGIN their games on those smaller islands in the center of the map, just as they do now). I think you will find that this set-up will propel players outward rather, than always squabbling over the center of the map. That gets abit dull. I hope that this sounds like a tempting prospect for you game developers out there. Thanks for your time.

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woven silk.

I like the idea of having a map that represents ancient Greece. It would add a lot more to the use of ground troops. The way to conquer inland has already been given multiple times. The most popular example is having a colony Caravan of some sort. Any land mass with inland cities would likely have to be huge: ~ half the map. The reason being that the players with inland cities will just have cities sitting there doing nothing after the alliance takes the island, if you use large islands. So I like the idea of a Large land mass, like Ancient Greece, which was what I believe was originally proposed.

Lil Ajax

Not sure about a historical map , would be cool tho
Fighting for Sicily
Northern Africa
Troy :eek:

Several larger islands per ocean could work tho
40,60,80,100 citys each - more??
Divided into territorys of 20 city slots
Could use same 8 villages and construction site
Citys could only attack or support other citys by land in adjacent territorys
Several territorys could border each other still
If landlocked citys are included farm levels should max out at 25-30 for them
and seperate research tree

Not sure about a WW site in a territory on a larger island as it may be easy to defend once alliance captured all citys slots
Another "Special" might could be built there
"Silver Mine" would boost silver production in each city in that territory
"Quarry" would boost silver production in each city in that territory
"Mill" would boost silver production in each city in that territory
"Armory" would decrease troop costs in each city in that territory
"Temple" would increase favor production - could even be god specific
But not a very large percentage

Instead of researching a "Colony Ship" you now research "Colonization"
This would give you the ability to build a "Caravan" in a lvl 20 barracks
or a "Colony Ship" in lvl 20 harbor
You could only colonize with these units

Researching "Conquest" and "Colonization" would allow you to build a
"Conquest Ship" in lvl 20 harbor or "Siege Tower" in lvl 20 barracks
Could only conquer with these units

Seige Tower
Used to conquer citys by land
Require conquest and tower research
Can not board ships
Speed 1
Requires a city to cleared same as a current Colony Ship before siege can begin
Only difference is Siege Towers and current Colony Ships is Towers could not be destroyed by ships
Could be destroyed by flying units , adjacent land troops and troops from transports
Might increase conquest time for towers to 36-48 hours
Siege Towers could only be used to conquer land citys

I agree tho be a lot to ask from the game developers

Will you play as a land power like Sparta
or naval power like Athens


Not sure i support trying to replicate an actual map, but I would fully support larger land areas.

Basically put in some large land expanses that can house maybe 60 cities, some inland, some coastal, and just section these landmasses off into subdivisions each with their own world wonder. It could feasibly be possible even to connect islands by narrow strips of land so the distinction is clear but land attacking is still possible.

land attacking is a hugely missing part of grepo.


This a pretty awesome idea, i'd definately play a game like that. The drawbacks i see with this idea are:
1)I doubt innogames will be huge fans of putting all the time and effort into doing this just to do it on every third world. (Perhaps this can be a Grepo v2 like they did with TW?
2) The worlds would have to be a lot smaller. When you think of the size of ancient greece (how many cities etc there were) it seems unlikely for there to be thousands of players:p

But all in all i think this is a pretty awesome idea just hard to implement....


Yeah it would definentaly be smaller but the first one they released would have every active player in grep on it. I say yes and have been thinking about it for awhile but just saw this now. I like the reconstruction of Greece and it definetaly could work but they might add big lakes in it or something as it would just turn out to be a land game.


I think this would make grepolis an entirely different game. Currently the point of the game is to conqeur a world of islands. This is fun as naval and land troops are always both needed. I might like to see this idea as its own game, but it would really just make grepolis, not grepolis. A massive NO from me.


I support this idea for every 2nd world but I know this would take a lot of work coding wise although the gain would be high. I think that it would be a bad idea to have mountains and forests ect,ect while it would be better to just go with the resized island and continents.