World Opening

Edwardicus III

Anyone know what time the world opens? Is it random? Do they release it? Also, who is joining this world? Any premades? What's our lineup looking like?


@Richard @Baudin Toolan

there is absolutely 100% no way possible, this is a world speed 3. This feels like a speed 1 world almost, but to say 3/2 is preposterous. Im just waiting for 24 hour sieges. Can you guys confirm a CORRECT siege time?


Conquest and Foundation are both set to 12 hours, and it is definitely speed 3. Just checked and all the settings are as announced.


not sure if im right or wrong, but i think community manager said that default siege time is 12 hours on all worlds, and that world speed does not play much of a role in that duration, in some extreme cases they reduce/increase siege duration, but it is most def not 24 divided by world speed.

instead of moaning that sieges are 12 hours, you should be praising the fact that it is not longer ;)