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I'm making this thread on phone so apologize if it ain't gorgeous. This thread is for a speed 2 conquest world opening June 12.

Alliance Name: Zero Tolerance​

About me: I've played this game on and off since 2012. My actual account is daveinator007. My original forum account had over 1k posts. First world was Actium. I've never won a world (could never me committed enough)... Looking to change this. I'm primarily a revolt world player but looking to play conquest as something different for me. The alliance name is a symbol of an alliance I founded in world Hermonassa named Zero Tolerance.

What I'm looking for: Must be active in Skype or Discord. Should be able to participate in ops. Grepo experience is necessary... Preferably of a few years. Willing to train though. Since alliance cap is 35 looking for quality over quantity.

Post here if you're interested.


Wow hermonessa, this brings back memories. ZT vs the world. Sir codfish, the best propaganda machine i have ever seen in the game. Fun days.